The Out Guide to Chopping


By Scott Hocker

It's getting sharp in here...

Photography by Nicolas Bloise   

It’s inevitable: The first time you’re inspired to whip up, say, that colorful caprese salad you coveted on Pinterest, you start by wading through a drawer full of corkscrews to find a solitary knife with a dull six-inch blade.

Upon use, the tomatoes explode when sliced, and the mozzarella comes apart only after what seems like hours of prolonged hacking. Your caprese is “rustic,” you tell yourself, but you know it could’ve been prepared more delicately with a chainsaw. Worry not — you’re no culinary monster; you just need the right knife. (Even Eric Ripert would have a difficult time cutting carrots into a fine brunoise without a decent blade.)

Here, we present a quick guide to the must-haves and how to use and maintain them.


From left: Classic 6" Utility Knife by Shun available at Crate & Barrel, $94.95,; 8" Classic Chef’s Knife by Wüsthof available at Williams-Sonoma, $129.95,; 9.5" Chef’s Knife by MAC available at Whisk, $185,; 31⁄2" Paring Knife by Wüsthof available at Williams-Sonoma, $39.95,

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