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Three Fitness Misconceptions

1. Whey vs. Cassein: “Whey and caseinate protein are two of the most popular protein shake supplements,” says Marty Navis. “They’re very different. Whey absorbs into muscles quickly, while cassein takes hours to fully absorb. Ingest whey immediately after a workout and cassein right before bedtime where it can prevent muscle atrophy.”

2. Strength Training vs. Hypertrophy: “New clients of mine think the pyramid stack of three sets of increasing weight will enlarge their muscles. Big muscles are a result of hypertrophy training, which consists of a higher volume of reps and sets—meaning at least eight sets with eight reps each.”

3. Less Is More: “Give yourself rest,” says Navis of time between reps. “But when you do it, do it. Rest a minute and a half between reps. You’ll be able to do many more—your recovery is that much greater."


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