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3 Ways to Work Out at Home That Really Count

This may seem obvious, but, as Navis says, “there’s really nothing as great. I do an entire chest and triceps routine with nothing but variance on push-ups.” Start out with sets of regular push-ups on the floor and then alternate with uneven push-ups (one hand elevated while the other arm works), or, for a real challenge, plyometric ones (using both hands to push off the floor on the way up). Repeat this for 10 minutes, breaking for half a minute or so every time you hit muscle failure.


“They’re going to firm up your ass and get your cardiovascular going because you’re pumping blood way down to your legs,” says Navis. “Squats are a great fat-burning exercise.” Just make sure you have the form right: Spread your feet so they’re just under your shoulders, and keep your chest up and shoulders back and relaxed.

If you need a full-body workout on the road, break out fitness bands in the hotel room. “You can do a million things with them,” says Navis. “You can do biceps, triceps, kick-backs, chest flies. Throw them in a suitcase—they’re not heavy.”


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