The Out Guide to Superfoods


By Andrew Belonsky

Super natural: some of the world’s most powerful nutrients can be found in a store near you.


Release Its Power: More often than not, the peppery leaf is mixed into salads, but it can be added to soup or sautéed as well.

Good For?: In addition to the iron, vitamins A and C, and calcium traditionally found in leafy greens, watercress appears to have extremely powerful anticancer properties, showing progress in the fight against lung and breast cancers.

Fun Fact: Everyone from ancient Roman warriors to pirates on the high seas have used watercress to prevent scurvy.

Pickup Spots: Watercress is readily available at local grocery stores, organic food chains, and farmers’ markets, but it’s at its best in the spring and fall, when its bitter taste is more tempered.

Origins: Like dandelion greens, U.S. watercress is grown primarily in California but can also be grown locally, depending on the region.

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