The Out Guide to Superfoods


By Andrew Belonsky

Super natural: some of the world’s most powerful nutrients can be found in a store near you.


Release Its Power: Coconut oil is a healthier, more flavorful cooking alternative to vegetable oils or butter and can be used as the base for an incredible stir-fry.

Good For?: Once stigmatized for its saturated fat content, coconut oil, as current research shows, contains antioxidants, helps improve cardiovascular function, and boosts the immune system.

Fun Fact: Aside from cooking, coconut oil can be used to lubricate guitar strings. Mixed with other ingredients to combat fungal infections, it’s also used as a skincare supplement.

Pickup Spots: Most health food markets carry coconut oil, and major chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s definitely keep it on the shelves.

Origins: Most brands are sourced from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Colombia.

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