The Out Guide to Superfoods


By Andrew Belonsky

Super natural: some of the world’s most powerful nutrients can be found in a store near you.


Release Its Power: Powdered turmeric is often used as the base for various curries, but the plant’s leaves are great for wrapping and cooking food, such as fish. Fresh turmeric root can be used like its cousin, ginger, or even juiced.

Good For?: Ayurvedic medicine has for centuries celebrated turmeric’s digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, while recent studies suggest turmeric can slow the development of cerebral plaques thought to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Fun Fact: Turmeric is said to have anti-aging benefits, while its orangey hue has earned it a starring role in many Indian religious ceremonies.

Pickup Spots: Powdered turmeric can be found in most grocery stores, while fresh turmeric may be limited to Indian shops in your area.

Origins: Generally from Southeast Asia, but it can be grown in the States; a few farms in Texas, where there’s a large Indian community, have planted crops of their own.

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