The Out Guide to Superfoods


By Andrew Belonsky

Super natural: some of the world’s most powerful nutrients can be found in a store near you.


Release Its Power: An excellent, protein-loaded substitute for oatmeal in the morning or replacement for couscous with dinner, freekeh is best boiled and mixed with a variety of ingredients.

Good For?: A great grain for a quick energy boost, freekeh’s high protein count is perfect for vegans and vegetarians looking to keep their bodies strong.

Fun Fact: Freekeh itself is not a grain. Rather, the name comes from the way grains, typically durum, are shucked before maturation (thus locking in the protein), then sun-dried or fire-roasted to give them a nutty flavor.

Pickup Spots: Middle Eastern stores carry freekeh, as do organic groceries like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

Origins: Freekah comes from southern Australia and is primarily manufactured in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, through the brand Greenwheat.

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