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The OUT Guide to Bikes

The OUT Guide to Bikes

OutGuideBikes 1

Photography by Joshua Scott

Do bikes have personalities? We like to think so -- and matched three of our favorites with three distinct types of riders. For good measure, we threw in some boozy bike tours to exercise your quads and slake your thirst. You can’t do that in a car.

Strada Custom Bike, $449, StradaCustoms.com; Levi’s Commuter Series Jeans, $78, Levi.com.

Three (Bike) Paths Diverge
Everyone you know is riding a bike. As a buyer's guide, we focus on three types of urban cyclists and their preferred gear.

Wearing all tweed, this modern-day dandy is likely carrying a collection of Miranda July’s short stories, a few vinyl records found at the flea, and a tin cup perfect for serving the St. Germain riding with him in tandem.


OutGuideBikes 2

Limited Edition St. Germain Bicycle
$1,000, StGermainCollection.com


OutGuideBikes 3

Thompson Leather Convertible Sling
 $328, Coach.com


OutGuideBikes 4

Yakkay Cambridge Check Cover



OutGuideBikes 5

Dring Dring Bell

Form over function is this design nerd’s credo -- at least it has been since he studied abroad in Berlin... and never left. His sleek backpack is probably full of blueprints, or a coffee-table book on minimalist Scandinavian design.


OutGuideBikes 6

Bookman Light Sixpence Orange
$29, Shop.Bookman.se


OutGuideBikes 7

Pavillon Folie Méricourt Helmet in Indigo Blue Lacquer
$755, AteliersRuby.com


OutGuideBikes 8

Strada Custom Bike
$449, StradaCustoms.com


OutGuideBikes 9

Piccadilly Leather Knapsack
$470, BrooksEngland.com

This extreme athlete takes biking very seriously. He’s not necessarily juicing, but he’s drinking plenty of protein shakes and listening to “Eye of the Tiger” on repeat to get pumped for the race of his life.


OutGuideBikes 10

Cadence Establish Gloves
$45, CadenceCollection.com


OutGuideBikes 11

Gopro HD Hero2
$299.99, GoPro.com


OutGuideBikes 12

Novara Strada Bike 2013
$1,099, REI.com



OutGuideBikes 13

Knog Bouncer Lock
$49.95, StradaCustoms.com

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