Erin Markey is a Literal Maneater in War Lesbian, currently at Dixon Place

A new female-centered play gives an Inuit myth a modern spin

Ask a Lesbian with Cameron Esposito

'Is scissoring actually a thing?' and more of the questions you're yearning to know

By Michelle Ehrhardt

WATCH: Filip Jeremic’s Lesbian Web Series

The story of two lesbian bar owners with no experience

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Cameron Esposito On Being a Female Comic, Gay Visibility & Side Mullets

The lesbian comic digs deep for her new album, Same Sex Symbol

By Michelle Ehrhardt

Lena Dunham To Produce Documentary About LGBTQ-Friendly Brooklyn Tailor

The documentary will follow transgender clients of Bindle & Keep as they get bespoke suits made

By Julien Sauvalle

Laverne Cox Gives Conan Good Head (Advice)

The cast of Orange is the New Black joins Conan for a night of details and laughs

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The Foxy Merkins, Lesbian Prostitution, and You

This buddy comedy follows two homeless lesbian sex workers as they bang their way to friendship.

By Michelle Ehrhardt

Classic Lesbian Doc Forbidden Love Re-Released

10 women, including author Ann Bannon, tell their stories about living in a homophobic and dangerous society.

By Michelle Ehrhardt

The Tumultuous Love Between Vic + Flo

Vic + Flo Saw A Bear presents the harsh lives of two characters, who just happen to be queer

By Connor Durkin

Today in Gay History: LA Law's Lesbian Kiss

The NBC legal series broke ground and started a trend to use same-sex smooches as a publicity stunt

By Andrew Belonsky

Amy Ray Releases First Single From Her First Country Album

'Oyster and Pearl' is the first single from Goodnight Tender

By Editors

Ikea Removes Lesbian Couple From Its Russian Magazine

Russia's anti-gay laws strikes again

By Jesse Steinbach

Madonna's Lesbian Phase Remembered

Also: Florence Henderson on 'Brady Bunch' cast gayness; Fantasia 'After Midnight'

By Michael Musto