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  • Model Citizen Enrique

    December 12 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Exclusive NYPD Blue�s New Gay Character

    In this exclusive, we talk with actor Currie Graham about new revelations about his character on ABC's NYPD Blue. Your character, Lieutenant Thomas Bale, on NYPD Blue is revealed to be gay on episode 11 airing December 14th. Tell me about Bale. How is he found out to be gay?

    December 12 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Tony

    December 11 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Bobby

    December 10 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Dick

    December 09 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Alan

    December 08 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Lost�s Daniel

    December 07 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment A Queer Extreme Makeover

    When it comes to life-changing experiences, nothing beats ABC's Extreme Makeover. This week's episode features an amazing sibling transformation of brother-sister Bill, 42, and Kim, 44, from Bastrop and Round Rock, Texas. Home Depot employee Bill wants to be confident in his looks and to put an end to his hermit ways for his longtime partner Blake, and Kim wants to jump-start her love life; both have shied away from the world, but both feel that now is the time to change all that. Bill gets a complete transformation that includes a nose job, hair restoration, and body makeover.

    December 07 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Lost�s Dominic

    December 06 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment�s Big O.C. Scoop!

    In this exclusive, The O.C. creator, Josh Schwartz, reveals who is coming out on his sizzling show'and why. On the Fox drama, Marissa (Mischa Barton) has been through the wringer while looking for Mr. Right: Sexy'but'snobby Luke, brooding Ryan, psychopath Oliver, and gardener D.J. But maybe it's not Mr. Right she's looking for. While we've been asked not to reveal the 'who,' O.C. creator Josh Schwartz is going on the record to discuss what happens when Marissa'in an episode arc that begins in January'meets Lady Love.

    December 06 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Ready, Aim�

    Jules Cassidy, who first made a splash as the gay FBI agent in The Defiant Hero by best-selling (hetero) romance novelist Suzanne Brockmann, returns in Hot Target (Ballantine, $19.95), the newest book in the Troubleshooter series. Here is the rest of our interview with Suzanne and Jules'yes, he's fictional'a short portion of which appeared in the January issue of Out: What made you decide to put a gay FBI agent into a mainstream heterosexual romance novel?

    December 05 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment The Next Wave

    Watch your back, Fab Five. There's a new crew of tr's fey hipsters that is movin' in on your milieu'namely, helping hopeless heteros boost their style and self-esteem. Like you, they're sexy and sassy, and they tool around town in an SUV'a totally stylin' silver Cadillac Escalade'like gay gang members. And they too are known by a catchy street handle: the Gal Pals.

    December 05 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Lost�s Harold

    December 05 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Survivor�s Ami Sounds Off

    Out lesbian Ami Cusack was the queen bee of the women's tribe for most of Survivor: Vanuatu. Unfortunately, that made her a threat and a target, so some of her minions plotted to overthrow the coffee barista and sent her to the jury. Here Cusack, who lives in Colorado with her girlfriend, Crissy, tells us about parties at the Playboy mansion, her aim of having an all-female final four, and how thrilled she was to learn she was in an all-woman tribe. Congratulations on making it so far. Thank you. Too bad it wasn't further, but thank you.

    December 05 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Arturo

    December 04 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Brad

    December 03 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Lost�s Ian

    December 02 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Top 9 Gifts for Gays this Holiday Season

    1. Golden Girls season 1 DVD 2. A Manhunt man under the mistletoe 3. The Clay Aiken Christmas album 4. Tix to the finale party of next season's America's Next Top Model 5. A gig as makeup guy for the next Guys Gone Wild 6. A funny episode of Will & Grace 7. A marriage license 8. The Scissor Sisters to come a-caroling 9. Renee Z.'s diet tips

    December 02 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Lost�s Josh Holloway

    December 01 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Lost�s Matthew Fox

    November 30 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Manhunt�s Gay Runner-up

    When Bravo's Manhunt premiered back in October, there were three openly gay contestants vying for a $100,000 modeling contract with IMG, a leading agency. Within a few weeks, however, the number was reduced to two. But week after week, out model-in-training Rob Williams held on, ending up one of the final two in the heated (and sometimes steamy) competition. In the show's finale, it was 'jungle boy' Jon (who earned the nickname because of his Tarzan-like look) who took first prize, but it was the outgoing, intelligent, and (of course) sexy Rob that won out hearts.

    November 30 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Brian

    November 29 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Kathy Griffin is Allegedly Hilarious

    Ever since she gave Brooke Shields sass on Suddenly Susan, we have adored Kathy Griffin. The rambunctious redhead, long a friend of 'the gays' (as she likes to call us), sat down with us to talk about her hilarious new DVD, Kathy Griffin: Allegedly (Anchor Bay Entertainment), which hits shelves November 30. Were you the class gossip in high school and always stirring the pot to get people in trouble? I was always a gossip, really, since I could talk. My very first words were, 'She did not just say that!'

    November 29 2004 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Bryan

    November 28 2004 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment HIV Diary: My experience with a �bug chaser�

    'Will you POZ me?' appears in the online mailbox. I am astounded. Yes, I have heard of things like this, and I saw it depicted on Queer as Folk, but, this is real'this is happening to me' I stall for time' He writes, 'Call me to discuss.' I answer. I lose him. He is gone.

    November 28 2004 8:00 PM