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  • Truman Says How NOT to Photograph a Pot Roast

    Kitsch lover James Lileks has assembled a smashing catalogue of the worst food photography of the past half-century. Just proves the importance of good lighting when putting on your next dinner party.

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    5:04 AM
  • Model Citizen Jason

    March 25 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Jack

    March 24 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Mac

    March 23 2007 7:00 PM
  • Truman Says Wisdom on Smell

    A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.
    -Coco Chanel

    If you think about it, the only thing that separates me from the guy with the stinky foot and no teeth is a book deal and some cologne. -Augusten Burroughs

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    March 23 2007 12:22 PM
  • Truman Says Fade to Browne

    It would be hard to overstate the hope/hype/hubbub around Thom Browne, the designer who's been recruited to pep up Brooks Brothers.

    New York Magazine says Browne is "going to save the suit from extiction".

    March 23 2007 11:17 AM
  • Truman Says Codpieces, The Prince Albert, and Other Blunders

    Radar Online brings us this handy guide to the worst couture concepts in history, an excerpt from the boldly-titled book 5 People Who Died During Sex. We actually think codpieces are kinda cool...

    March 23 2007 7:12 AM
  • Truman Says Friday Shopping List: Unlikely Objects

    Maybe you got some direct-deposit action yesterday. Here are some unusual ways to spend it:

    Elephant poop stationery (thanks, Boing Boing)

    A table made of sticky notes (thanks, Popgadget)

    Digital photo frames (via apartment therapy)

    March 23 2007 4:46 AM
  • Model Citizen Junior

    March 22 2007 7:00 PM
  • Truman Says M Dash

    This is so validating! The buzz is that Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, and Kirsten Dunst all have placed orders for clothing items from the same chain store where I snag all my $29 dollar shirts off the discount rack!Why? Today was the launch of M by Madonna, the first H & M clothing line with Madonna's name attached, which she has also had some hand in designing (she's already had one H & M line to which she merely lent her image.) Sadly, nothing there for us guys!

    March 22 2007 1:07 PM
  • Truman Says The Scissors Come Out

     Just when you thought Bravo couldn't get any gayer...the cable station has begun an ad blitz for their newest reality competition - for aspiring hairstylists!  Shear Genius' host will be Jaclyn Smith (can a walk-on by ex-Charlie's Angels costar Farrah Fawcett-Majors be far away? She does have a hairdo named after her, after all...)

    March 22 2007 9:23 AM
  • Truman Says Lifestyles of the Toilet Paper-Free

    Wow. Big stuff in The New York Times' Thursday Styles today, including:

    A house visit with two New Yorkers who have foresworn toilet paper ("think of bowls of water and lots of air drying")...

    Blazers for basketball players...

    and: childrens' designer jeans that cost (gasp!) $140.

    March 22 2007 4:57 AM
  • Truman Says Off the Cuff

    How much shirt cuff should a man show from beneath his blazer's sleeves? The Sartorialist frets that "most men in America wear their shirts sleeves with way too much extra length in the arms," with Public TV's Charlie Rose a shining exception to that rule (depicted here in conversation with Rupert Murdoch). Click here for Sarto's guidelines for getting it just right.

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    March 21 2007 7:31 PM
  • Model Citizen Evan

    March 21 2007 7:00 PM
  • Truman Says Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?

    Radar reports that choreographer Matthew Bourne (Edward Scissorhands, the all-male Swan Lake) is now planning Romeo, Romeo, a 100% man take on Prokofiev's ballet Romeo and Juliet. No word on which Romeo will get to be Montague, and which Caupulet.

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    March 21 2007 1:49 PM
  • Truman Says To Do: Fashion on Film

    Photo: Getty Images

    If you're in New York: The Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria is presenting a "Fashion in Film Festival" until March 25. The fest includes familiar favorites like Unzipped and Chop Suey, as well as Lady with a Hat, a doc which tells the story of May Aubert, "who used her millinery skills during World War II to smuggle money from Norway into Canada."

    March 21 2007 9:07 AM
  • Truman Says Blahnik: Luggage Restrictions Rule!

    Photo: Getty Images

    Highlights from The Guardian's one-on-one with Manoholo Blahnik:

    March 21 2007 7:02 AM
  • Truman Says Wheels for Two

    When DaimlerChrysler announced a couple years ago that they would start selling the microscopic Smart Car in the USA (you may have seen it on the streets of Europe or Mexico), we kicked our heels for joy. America needs an antidote to the SUV!

    Then they said they were developing a special American edition of the Smart - an SUV, in fact. Four doors. High suspension. Lots of room in the trunk. Our hearts sank.

    March 21 2007 4:37 AM
  • Model Citizen Casey

    March 20 2007 7:00 PM
  • Truman Says Cheerleaders, Drums, Underpants

    Photos: Getty Images

    Highlights from today's 2(x)ist Fall preview in L.A.

    73637524 73637518 73636756

    Photos: Getty Images

    Highlights from today's 2(x)ist Fall preview in L.A.

    March 20 2007 12:59 PM
  • Truman Says Tabbed Browsing

    What's your sign? Photo: Getty Images.

    March 20 2007 12:03 PM
  • Truman Says Fanny Pack, Retooled

    The trendwatchers at Cherryflava anticipate the return of something called the "moonbag" which was apparently a great status symbol in the 1980s. It's sort of like a mini fanny pack, without all the padding - perfect for ipods, cell phones, and rhinestone-encrusted BlackBerrys.

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    March 20 2007 4:28 AM
  • Truman Says I ♥ Rock T's

    No one does t-shirts quite like rock geeks. Now SMITH Mag has assembled a flickr page with the best abdominal displays from the recently-concluded South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

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    March 20 2007 4:17 AM
  • Model Citizen Brandon

    March 19 2007 7:00 PM
  • Truman Says Campbell Soup

    The original rhinestone (-encrusted BlackBerry) cowgirl, Miss Naomi Campbell, shows up for community service in New York, carrying heavy-duty work boots over her shoulder, and wearing a flouncy black skirt. Irritatingly, the photographers did not to stick around so we could find out what she looked like after cleaning toilets in a trash depot.

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    March 19 2007 3:53 PM