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  • Truman Says Miss Sixty After-Party with Special Guest “Eve”

    The girls and boys were out in full force for the Miss Sixty after-party at 7 World Trade Center, including Chris Wile, Director of Advertising and Marketing Services, Prada (above left) and Garrett Montoya. This has become one hot happening spot since Calvin Klein had its party here last season. The Lucite bar was free-flowing with Svedka vodka and Tab Energy drinks. Once you got your groove on, you could dance and twirl to the music on the dance floor.

    February 05 2007 10:31 AM
  • Truman Says Tim Hamilton Presentation at Bergdorf Goodman

    Menswear designer Tim Hamilton (left) is fashion’s newest darling! His presentation brought editors, celebrities, artists, and fashionistas to a frenzy at the launch of his collection at Bergdorf Goodman. His attention to detail and impeccable tailoring will bring out the inner prep in you. Tim is one American designer to watch out for—get your slim-fitting polo with patch details now!

    February 05 2007 10:24 AM
  • Truman Says A|X Armani Exchange Launches Eyewear Collection

    February 05 2007 10:11 AM
  • Truman Says Buckler's "Sexy Bastard Cock Thruster" (seriously)

    Chad_white Photo: Nicholas Wagner (from the December issue of Out)

    February 05 2007 5:26 AM
  • Truman Says Yigal Azrouel-Pre Show

    Yigal_azrouel Photo: Getty Images

    February 05 2007 5:19 AM
  • Entertainment Lea DeLaria is Out to Laugh

    Lea DeLaria has starred on Broadway (On the Town), been featured in films (Edge of Seventeen), and recorded multiple jazz albums. But this dyke delight returns to her stand-up roots in the DVD release of Outlaugh! a comedy concert film of the first queer comedy festival in which she performs alongside such comics as Bob Smith, Sabrina Matthews, and Jason Stuart. We cornered DeLaria for a few questions. Having performed live all across the country, what's the strangest fan encounter you've experienced?

    February 04 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Marcus

    February 04 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Adrian

    February 03 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Cayson

    February 02 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Erik

    February 01 2007 7:00 PM
  • Entertainment Speedophobia

    PROHIBITED' the wearing of skintight form-fitting or bikini-type apparel or bathing suits by males over 12 yrs. ageIf the stern, killjoy rubric of this warning sign, erected in the 1960s by the good people of Cape May, N.J., sounds like a way to rain on a gay beach party, that's because it was.

    February 01 2007 7:00 PM
  • Entertainment Ladies� Night

    In Out's April issue, we took you on the town with Ana Ortiz and Becki Newton. Here, read the expanded version of the story. 'We brought a little centerpiece with us,' says Ana Ortiz digging into her suspiciously small purse and pulling out a suspiciously large Golden Globe statue and plopping it down on the table.

    February 01 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Scott

    January 31 2007 7:00 PM
  • Entertainment Love (and Labels) in Captivity

    'I can tell you what my ex-girlfriend thought of it,' says Ima Robot singer Alex Ebert of the provocatively pansexual 'Lovers in Captivity' video that features Ebert dancing around'and in bed with'a transvestite, played by actor Brady Corbet (Mysterious Skin) in fishnets and a bustier. His ex-girlfriend's rueful interpretation 'is that being with a woman is oppressive for me and that being with a guy means expressing freedom.' Ebert says he initially wrote the soaring track, on the band's second album, Monument to the Masses, as a straightforward love song.

    January 30 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Jack

    January 30 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Derek

    January 29 2007 7:00 PM
  • Entertainment Excerpt: Not in My Family

    Chapter 34: i can't stand the rain a difficult question'would i date a man with HIV? the answer comes with a shocking swiftness'shocking in its immediacy, shocking in its urgency. i would not now knowingly date a man with HIV, not because a man with HIV is unlovable, or that i don't believe that any moment of love is preferred to one without, but because I have had my sunshine, and i 'can't stand the rain.' that is david's legacy. sunshine on my shoulder'

    January 28 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Hawk

    January 28 2007 7:00 PM
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    January 27 2007 7:00 PM
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    January 25 2007 7:00 PM
  • Entertainment Kronos Quartet

    Perhaps best-known for their work on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack (one of the main themes from which was used in the Lord of the Rings trailers and the trailer for the new Danny Boyle film, Sunshine), the Kronos Quartet is a Grammy-winning powerhouse in classical musical circles. An all-strings quartet, Kronos hit UCLA Live's Royce Hall with experimental sextet, Bang On a Drum All-Stars, on Saturday, January 20.

    January 25 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Aaron

    January 24 2007 7:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Aaron

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  • Entertainment MySpace Loves Gay Films!

    You probably haven't heard of out filmmaker Matt Riddlehoover yet, but the odds are in his favor that you soon will. Only 21 years old, his resume already boasts two music videos for indie band Strays Don't Sleep'one of which was featured on Late Night with Conan O'Brien'and a feature film which has been receiving quite a lot of attention, thanks entirely to the most viewed Web site on the internet, MySpace.

    7:00 PM