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  • Truman Says 10 Reasons to Love Justin Theroux

    Photo: Getty Images

    1. He looks incredible in a trim Thom Browne suit (see above).

    August 27 2007 5:30 AM
  • Model Citizen Jeffrey

    August 26 2007 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Rick

    August 25 2007 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Covert Porn: Hanes Underwear

    My mother was pregnant with my brother John, so that makes it 1952 and I'm 6 years old. We were living at the Servel Place on Tyhee Road, 12 miles out of Pocatello. My father had just hired a new hand.

    August 25 2007 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Ruggero

    August 24 2007 8:00 PM
  • Truman Says Andy Roddick's Hair Don't


    Photos: Getty Images

    August 24 2007 1:46 PM
  • Truman Says The Dirty Diaries

    Petewentzgreasy Photo: Getty Images

    My sassy sister at Popnography and I share a mutual distaste for Pete Wentz's greasy-haired, forgot-to-bathe style. In a promo video for his line of DKNY jeans, he admits that he's a dirty dirty boy. He says:

    August 24 2007 9:27 AM
  • Truman Says Marc Jacobs Teams Up with Richard Price; Luxurious and Green Dorms; Smuggle a Model

    Marc Jacobs is rumored to be working with artist Richard Price on a super-secret project at Louis Vuitton. Jacobs is expected to unveil the fruits of their collaboration during Paris Fashion Week in October. [WWD]

    Whether you're living in the dorms or on your own, go green when buying your back-to-school items. Here are some suggestions. [LA Times]

    August 24 2007 7:39 AM
  • Model Citizen Kenneth

    August 23 2007 8:00 PM
  • Truman Says Rock Out with Fashion Week

    Jeremypiven Photo: Getty Images

    If you're not in New York City but you still want a taste of Fashion Week early next month, tune in to CBS on September 7th at 9:00pm for Fashion Rocks, a live broadcast of performances by some of the music industry's most fashionable musicians—at least, that's how its being described.

    August 23 2007 11:21 AM
  • Truman Says The End is Near For Redheads

    Princeharry_2 Photo: Getty Images

    August 23 2007 8:17 AM
  • Truman Says Hedi Slimane Shoots Amy Winehouse; Musical Devil Wears Prada; Adidas Sponsors Cyclists; New Face at Mulberry

    Read the photo diary of Dior Homme's former designer and visionary, Hedi Slimane. Through his eyes, Amy Winehouse still needs to go to rehab, yes, yes, yes. [WWD, Hedi Slimane]

    The Devil Wears Prada: The Musical? Say it ain't so! [Fashionista]

    August 23 2007 7:23 AM
  • Model Citizen GW

    August 22 2007 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Ivri Lider

    Ivri Lider absolutely thinks mainstream America is ready to embrace a gay Israeli pop singer. 'Why not?' he asks with a sweetly audacious laugh. Maybe he's so confident that crossover success is within his grasp because coming out to a major newspaper in 2002 only increased his popularity, and it helped turn his years of recording, touring, and collaborating into a headline-making career.

    August 22 2007 8:00 PM
  • Truman Says The Wedding Planner: Marc Jacobs Waterford China


    Photo: Courtesy of Marc Jacobs

    What kind of wedding china can one expect at the nuptials of one of the world's biggest fashion designers? Well, the china of his own design, of course!

    August 22 2007 11:00 AM
  • Truman Says Gossip Worth Repeating: Is Marc Jacobs Engaged?

    Marcjacobsphoto Photo: Getty Images

    August 22 2007 7:50 AM
  • Truman Says Celebs at Fashion Week; Dsquared gets Wood; Diddy's Underwear; Lagerfeld Documentary

    Paparazzi breathe a sigh or relief after being reassured that celebrities will be swarming the fashion week tents in September. So the photographers will be able to pay their rent for another month. And Fashion Week is staying in Bryant Park.[Fashion Week Daily]

    August 22 2007 6:33 AM
  • Model Citizen Robb

    August 21 2007 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment No Signing? No Singing!

    Israeli pop star Ivri Lider's fame in his homeland has climbed steadily over a decade-long career, only increasing after he came out in 2002 [see Out, March 2007]. As proud of his country as he is of being gay, the singer even did double duty during his U.S. tour last year, serving as a goodwill ambassador. Then he got blacklisted from a concert to celebrate Israel's troops.

    August 21 2007 8:00 PM
  • Model Citizen Christian

    August 20 2007 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment 5 Questions (And Then Some) For Matmos

    1. The perfect song to have sex to is: 'Royaume' by 'tant Donn's 2. My vision of hell: George Bush for four more years! 3. When I'm most stressed out: Schmidt: 'I've developed an eye tic.' Daniels: 'I played Rumpelstiltskin in a school play, and recently I've reverted to some of the stomping and twitching.' 4. My tombstone will read: Schmidt: 'We were in Paris and walking around Montparnasse and I was thinking about this: Patience.' Daniels: 'Better Luck Next Time!'

    August 20 2007 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment The Slippery Slope Debate

    Adult consensual incestuous polygamists'I am your brother! (I mean brother metaphorically, not flirtatiously. Don't get any funny ideas.) I recently got into a little back-and-forth with an editorial writer for the New York Daily News. He wrote a column that called on the gay and lesbian community to come up with a defense against the argument that allowing gays to marry is a short lubricated slope to kissing-cousin harems.

    August 20 2007 8:00 PM
  • Entertainment Days of Summer Calendar

    August 27: Admit it, you've read The Nanny Diaries, (even if it was tucked into a copy of The Economist on the train ride to work), and you've wanted to make Scarlett Johansson your best gal pal since Ghost World. If you haven't already checked out the big-screen adaptation of Emma Mclaughin and Nicola Kraus's New York society romp, then see it today. Even if you wouldn't stoop so low as to read the novel, you'll go ga-ga for the toddler-toting protagonist's love interest, Chris Evans.

    August 20 2007 8:00 PM
  • Truman Says Nice Jeans, Wanna Date?

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    August 20 2007 11:04 AM
  • Truman Says Tom Ford's Naughty New Ad Campaign

    Tomfordforoutuseonly Photos: Courtesy of Tom Ford (for use on only)

    August 20 2007 8:42 AM