The new track by Steven James and Quentin Sound raises money and awareness for those suffering from homophobia in Russia, Uganda and Jamaica. 

November 19 2015 11:45 AM

A correpondent called news that the shooter owned gay porn sites "just another disturbing twist."

August 28 2015 2:05 PM

The President explicitly linked racism and homophobia, mirroring earlier statements in Africa.

August 04 2015 1:00 PM

Rich expressions of gay boyhood masterfully portrayed in Salvation Army and Nubes Flotantes

January 25 2015 9:45 PM

A new doc aims to explore what makes homosexualtiy taboo around the world

November 15 2014 12:00 PM

The world has changed, but the no-homo homoerotics of soccer haven’t

May 08 2014 9:02 AM