Throwback Thursday: François Sagat Celebrates His Independence

The porn star goes to war with his image and career

By Stacy Lambe

Cover Yourself With François Sagat

He has more tees with his body all over yours

By Stacy Lambe

François Sagat Wants to Cover Your Body

The former adult film star collaborates with Parisian designer Pierre-Henri

By Diego James

What's Next for Francois Sagat?

The French adult film star says he's retiring from porn

By Editors

Francois Sagat Sings Naked

He performs opposite Sylvia Goebbel in the 'HADES' video

By Jerry Portwood

Happy Fourth of July from Out!

Enjoy your holiday weekend! Please make sure to eat tons of hot dogs and watch fireworks (while silently humming the …

By Max Berlinger

OUT Exclusive: François Sagat in 'Lock 'n' Load' for Our April Issue

Don't play coy with us. We know that you know exactly who François Sagat is, he of the scalp tattoo and epic porn …

By Max Berlinger

François Sagat

French porn star François Sagat celebrates the repeal of DADT in his own distinct way.

By Editors