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"There's no getting around it - the church is the reason I am who I am today. I thank Jesus I ended up a man with a killer stride that has the power to burn footprints into a runway."

-- Miss J.'s opening sentence in the new book, Follow the Model: Miss J's Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise and Power.

August 11 2009 10:37 AM

Calvin Klein is looking for a few good European men. The iconic underwear label is holding an international model search across nine countries, looking for the best of the bulges to represent each nation. [WWD] via [The Cut

August 11 2009 10:36 AM

“If you can’t afford to buy art, you wear it."

-- Michael Kors explaining his philosophy on fashion. 

August 11 2009 10:34 AM


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August 04 2009 8:00 PM

July 31 2009 9:32 AM

"If you really are doing it just because you think of yourself as a brand and you haven’t had the training and you know nothing about clothes, it kind of demeans all the training that designers have had.”

-- Hussein Chalayan on models who have clothing lines
July 31 2009 5:31 AM
Rad Hourani jumps on the secondary line bandwagon with his own, called Rad by Rad Hourani, to launch in November. [

Topshop to open in Brooklyn? Would Hipsters even allow such a thing? [Papier

July 31 2009 5:27 AM

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July 29 2009 11:10 AM