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Art directors/skinny fashion folks/Calvin Klein will be weeping with delight when they learn that scientists have come up with a new fabric that will make what we previously thought was black look positively gray. Top brains at Norfolk State University in Virginia have worked out how to make a “metamaterial” that is perfectly black, and reflects none, or virtually none, of the light that lands on it.

June 14 2010 12:56 PM

Photo courtesy of BBC

June 10 2010 5:52 AM

Paying homage to the florescent hair dos of punk rockers, PRO-Keds and Opening Ceremony have continued their ongoing collaboration with a new line of low-tops that are sure to turn heads (and maybe replace the need for reflectors on your bike pedals). Providing further tribute to the 1970s British subculture attire and simultaneously answering the prayers of rave-goers worldwide, these neon kicks will certainly keep you from “sneaking up” on anyone, anywhere.

June 09 2010 11:11 AM

Those repressed Brits are getting all hot and bothered about the apparent return of the Speedo this summer. The danger signs were reported by price comparison website Ciao, which says it has seen a 400% rise in the number of searches for "Speedo" in the past six months, compared to the same period last year.

June 08 2010 8:08 AM

We’re not loving Blackwater, the private security company that ran amok in Iraq, but we do love the fact that somebody is selling a gayment that is not only skin tight and worthy of any Chelsea muscle queen, but also has little hidden pockets that “securely stows compact handgun and magazines/speed loaders or mp3 player.” Because lets face it, isn’t that the dilemma every day? Take the mp3 player or a gun, to the office?

The cost? A mere $44.99. Comes in macho sizes, from medium to XXL, so no twinks need bother.

June 08 2010 6:20 AM

June 07 2010 7:47 AM

We’ve all seen comic-to-movie transitions, and the nightmare it thrusts upon costume designers who are trying to make something that works in ink make any sense at all in fabric. We’ve had the dark beauty of Batman, the awfulness of Ben Affleck in leather in Daredevil, the stylish mess that was The Watchmen and the spectacle of Wolverine in X-Men pouring scorn on the skintight outfits the team expect him to wear.

June 03 2010 8:53 AM

June 02 2010 6:28 AM

Everyone knows a soul patch from a goatee, but there are finer points of facial hair, which beard specialist Allan Peterkin and grooming guru Nick Burns illuminate in The Bearded Gentleman (Arsenal Pulp Press, $14.95). From the basic (avoiding ingrowns) to the very specific (achieving the ultimate Klingon), the definitive manual offers advice and instructions for dozens of looks. Our suggestion? Leave the Fu Manchu to the amateurs and use this book to coin your own signature style.

June 01 2010 11:31 AM

The beard hasn't been this popular since hippies and disco darlings ruled supreme. But what should a bewhiskered man do when temperatures near triple digits? Not only do whiskers grow faster in warmer months, but heat stimulates sweat and oil build-up around facial hair, causing dandruff, acne, and folliculitis (inflammation of follicles). To prevent skin woes wash and condition your beard daily with the same products you use on your hair. 'It has a different texture from what's on your head,' says Shorty Maniace, head barber at F.S.C.

May 31 2010 8:00 PM