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Truman Says

While William will be off the market as of Friday -- don't fret. Prince Carl Phillip (left) of Sweden is still available. And he's a real dreamboat

April 28 2011 5:30 AM

Remember back in February when Eric Jennings, Saks Fifth Avenue's Vice President and Men's Fashion Director, took us on a tour of his average day during fashion week? Well, now he's showing us the fruits of his labors. Each season, as he travels from show to show, country to country, he's looking for what's going to be the hottest thing to wear next season. Here he's divulging what he can't wait to sport now that the weather's warmed up.

April 27 2011 1:30 PM

The independently published bi-annual publication Dossier is one of our favorite under-the-radar magazines. It's artful and thoughtful, and brings together magnificent writing, gorgeous photography and interesting fashion editorials.

April 27 2011 9:43 AM

Due to the Galliano debacle and the mysterious disappearance and replacement of Christophe Decarnin at Balmain, much energy has been focused on the rotating door of designers coming and going from major fashion labels. But magazine staffs have also been going through their very own metamorphoses.

April 27 2011 8:24 AM

Is former model and current French first lady Carla Bruni preggers? Zut alors!

China is so kicking our ass. 

April 27 2011 5:30 AM

Amongst us staff members here in the Out offices, there is one subject that can always serve as the impetus for a heated debate: Gwyneth Paltrow.

1:46 PM

Karl Lagerfeld is quite possibly the only person on Earth busier than James Franco. He designs for three fashion labels, is curating/editing books on photography, is a photographer himself -- shooting all his campaigns, and is now directing commercials for ice cream (which he won't eat, mind you).

10:51 AM

For their ongoing feature, "Five Things I Know About Style" the Guardian UK got the scoop from designer Zac Posen.

6:48 AM

Rachel Maddow to closeted news anchors: "If you're gay, you have a responsibility to come out (cough, cough, ANDERSON COOPER, cough, cough)." 

5:30 AM