From The Runway: 2(X)IST Spring/Summer 2015

All the looks from the new 2(X)IST collection (plus some bonus behind-the-scenes shots!)

Quickies: Brad Pitt gets told how it is, Ferruccio Pazzoni leaves Valentino, and more

Photo: Getty Images Brad Pitt got served. It's being reported that some drunk lady told him he looked "as ugly as …

By Seth Plattner

Chatter: Marc Jacobs

"I don't pretend to originate or create anything. I'm just here putting things together or re-putting things …

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Five of the Best: Razors

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Quickies: Golden Globes fashion, Kanye heads to Paris and more

Photo: Getty Images The Golden Globes were last night. Here's what everyone wore. [The Cut] …

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Summer comes early with Out's February swimsuit issue

Photo: Xevi Muntane …

By Noah Michelson

Chatter: Michael Kors

“If you can’t afford to buy art, you wear it." -- Michael Kors explaining his philosophy on fashion.  “If you …

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Chatter: Mike Albo

"The décor, the clothing, the atmosphere will have you convinced you have slipped backward five months to a more …

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Chatter: Paul Smith

"I wish all the newspaper and television journalists pumping out all the stories of financial doom and gloom could …

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More Madonna, more LV

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Chatter: Joan Rivers

"I think he should have pinned the ears back years ago. They really annoy me. He represents my country now -- pin …

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