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Truman Says

Glee's Mark Salling tweeted this picture of himself and his fellow cast members dressed up as the Village People. Salling said (in jest?) that during the show's hiatus they were forming a tribute band, but it's really just a photoshopped fantasy courtesy of a obsessed fan -- brilliant.

August 01 2011 6:50 AM

While the European men's shows for spring 2012 seem but a distant memory at this point, there are still a few labels holding out to show off the goods for New York Fashion Week, taking place next month. One of our favorite labels, General Idea, has been showing here in the states for the past few seasons and it's always one of the shows we look forward to dropping in on.

August 01 2011 6:19 AM

We're posting this picture of a shirtless Hugh Jackman under the guise that we're appreciating his Orlebar Brown shorts...but let's be real...we're just swooning over that bod. 

August 01 2011 6:01 AM

Finally! A collaboration we can get behind—David Beckham for H&M (its underwear!) 

Like we didn't see this coming. Rachel Zoe is designing a children's clothing line. 

July 29 2011 5:30 AM

Sea water! What did you think we meant you sickos? Ew! You're disgusting. We were talking about sea water. Note: In case you were wondering -- yes, this post is just an excuse to post a shirtless picture of Jake Gyllenhaal. Do you have a problem with that? We thought not. 

12:38 PM

The dust has yet to settle from the tragic, if not wholly unexpected, death of singer and musician Amy Winehouse while journalists scramble to make sense of what Winehouse's effect on popular culture will be, in the immediate fall out and in a more lasting way.

12:07 PM

Um, you didn't think that we wouldn't notice your latest accessory, now, did you Mr. Armani? Seems like the designer found an alarmingly attracive pal to accompany him on his latest vacation. Hey, we don't judge (quit you're eye-rolling!) -- good for you, girl. 

8:11 AM