Andrej Pejic: "I'm a Boy and I'm a Girl!"


By Julien Sauvalle

Andrej Pejic models both as man and woman in MCM's new spring campaign

For spring, the accessories brand MCM was inspired by an androgynous Utopia:
The season’s advertising campaign, entitled “Flower Boys in Paradise,” captures androgynous model Andrej Pejic both as his feminine and masculine self, in a fantastic, kaleidoscopic world.

Full Campaign: Andrej Pejic For MCM Spring 2014

Korean photographer Kyung-­il Park plays with Pejic's genderbending image, picturing the model as tough and boyish on one side of the image, while the other side reveals his more sultry, feminine alter ego. 

During the shoot, Pejic reportedly shouted: “I’m a boy and I’m a girl!”, keeping his gender "open to artistic interpretation."

The collection itself is as versatile as the model, and surfs on this season's print trends for men, with luxury tote bags adorned in floral and butterfly prints. Time to embrace your girly side!