Daily Crush: The Stone Roses Limited-Edition Shirts by Sandro


By Julien Sauvalle

Wanna be adored?

As we celebrate the year 1983 in pop music (the greatest, and gayest year ever), it's also worth mentioning that around the same time, a small Manchester band called The Stone Roses formed and set out to release one of the most critically-acclaimed albums of the late '80s, triggering the Madchester garage rock movement.

To pay tribute to these musical pioneers, French label Sandro launches a series of shirts knitted with The Stone Roses' iconic album artwork. Even if you are "made of stone," you should hurry to pick your favorite tee: One Direction's Louis Tomlinson (pictured, right) has already snatched the Stone shirt and wore it at the Brit Awards, so expect to see these limited-edition tops fly off the shelves.

Stone Roses Collaboration by Sandro: Short Sleeve T-Shirts, $110; Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $130; Sweater, $235; at Us.Sandro-Paris.com