Michael Bastian Teams Up With Bittertang for BOFFO Building Fashion 2013


By Jesse Steinbach

The fashion and architectural retail installation will feature hay, beeswax, and designer-wear

Designer Michael Bastian has teamed up with Bittertang, a small design firm run by Antonio Torress and Michael Loverich, for a new collaboration to create a distinctive pop-up store. Set to coincide with the grand opening of BOFFO Building Fashion 2013, a three-week fashion and architecture retail installation, the store will open Nov. 1. 

The designers transformed a shipping container at SuperPier in New York City (located at 15th Street and Hudson River Park) into a mound of hay that covers a house of melted wax. Bittertang built the structure in response to Bastian's Fall/Winter 2013 collection, which was inspired by the New England Gothic style found in Andrew Wyeth paintings.

Among the many features inside the two-room, 20-foot hay structure, will be back-lit beeswax walls, New England Gothic artifacts, custom shelving, and of course, Michael Bastian's latest collection. Customers will be transported from the Meatpacking District to a strange, but wondrous, farmhouse realm.

The store will be open from Nov. 1-21 at the SuperPier on 15th Street and Hudson River Park.