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Trending: Shirtless Men In The City

Trending: Shirtless Men In The City

Pictured: Orlando Bloom spotted shirtless in TriBeCa

Have you noticed the amount of shirtless men walking around the city lately?

Granted the temperatures are reaching record highs, but aside from the occasional jogger and the Naked Cowboy, we seldom saw guys running their daily errands completely bare-chested. 

In a recent article, the New York Times point out that more and more men are being spotted in New York with no shirt on. As supporting evidence, The Atlantic Wire even came up with a comprehensive map.

It wouldn't surprise anybody if this were Miami or Malibu, but the trend is somewhat shocking for New York's usually over-dressed crowd.

Not that we're complaining!

Have you spotted any hot shirtless men lately? If so, we urge you to share the coordinates.

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