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Get Those Kicks Started!

Get Those Kicks Started!

Us working boys often have to leave the house with two pairs of shoes every morning: Smart shoes for
the office, and some that you won't mind getting dirty on your way there. San Francisco-based designer
Hero Nakatani decided to cut down the hassle and imagined Hydrogen-1, a line of footwear appropriate
for both situations.

Using fine italian leather, those new hybrids combine classic styles with sneaker-like rubber soles for a more comfortable wear throughout the day. The 12 different styles range from perforated brogues to urban high-tops; and they all look effortlessly cool.

Launched as a Kickstarter project earlier this month, the project needs one last push to reach its goal before February 28. Each pair is available at a discounted rate until then. I'm going for the indigo blue derbys; what about you?

Pre-order your pair now at hydrogen-1.com or on Kickstarter.

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