Two Brides Close The Chanel Couture Show


By Julien Sauvalle

Karl Lagerfeld endorses same-sex marriage but sparks controversy over the issue of adoption

Photo: Loic Venance / AFP

An unexpected finale to the Chanel Haute Couture presentation made for a powerful statement in favor of same-sex marriage. Two women in wedding gowns, one of them holding a little boy's hand, walked down a tree-lined path similing defiantly at the climax of a stunning collection inspired by German romanticism.

Featuring two brides instead of one, the striking image was Karl Lagerfeld's way to express his support for same-sex union at a moment when the bill to extend marriage to French gay and lesbian couples faces unprecedented uproar.

Speaking to the press after the show, Lagerfeld dismissed the same-sex marriage wrangle. "I don't even understand the debate," he said. "Since 1904 the church and state have been separate... Why can't two people who live together have the same security as married bourgeois?"

The designer's stance on adoption, however, was more ambivalent.