OUT June July 2016
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Go South, Young Man

Go South, Young Man

It doesn’t take much to impress at the beach (not much that you can buy at a store, that is), so simplicity is the key when you’re in Miami this December. Take a cue from the beachware of the ’20s (no, we don’t mean one-piece bathing suits) and opt for stripes. Why not avoid the predictable, nautical blue and bump it up a notch with a splash of red or yellow instead? If a shirt must be worn, make it crisp and clean—and open, for you hard-bodies—with rolled sleeves and buttoned collars, a classy state of dishabille.


Nautica swimsuit and button-down shirt
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Photography: Don Kim
Photographer’s Assistant: Brandon Aviram
Model: Kacey Carrig
Grooming: Joanna Pensinger