Top Underwear Moments Caught On Film


By Alex Taylor Williams

Christian Bale In 'American Psycho'

Although the film American Psycho—based on Bret Easton Ellis's controversial 1991 book—is chiefly known for as a horrifyingly sadistic cautionary tale, it should be noted that despite the main character Patrick Bateman's prediliction for violent torture and wo/manslaughter, Bateman, as portrayed by Christian Bale, was also insanely stylish and well-groomed. In the famous opening sequence titled, "Morning Routine," we follow Bateman as he goes through his rigorous preparations for the day (yoga, shower, face mask) all while dressed only in a pair of white cotton briefs. Not only was Christian Bale's body the epitomé of virile perfection in this scene, there was another matter that is completely terrifying. Despite him being a maniacal killer, the way he fills out every inch of his briefs in this scene and left us all practically drooling with desire. You can check out the scene here, but be forewarned, it's a tad bit NSFWish.