By Editors

Agency: Next Models Miami

Birth date: December 2

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius -- the archer that never hits his mark

Boxers, briefs, or commando? Briefs during castings, otherwise commando -- I just can't sleep in underwear. It just gets twisted.

Barack or Hillary? Barack, because I think... I don't know how to verbalize it. He is a motivation for real change. He has got that fire down to the soul -- we have to think about the future.

If you could have superhero powers, what would you choose? I have to fly. Being on the ground keeps me from achieving my goals -- I have to fly.

What is your greatest fear in life? I have a fear of heights. I think that's why I want to fly. I also have a fear of waking up on Mars -- alone -- without a space vehicle. I also have a fear of regrets.

Do you have any regrets? No, don't have regrets here.

Have you ever been arrested? Yes -- for marijuana. I don't regret it, but wish I had been smarter about it. I was driving. My dog had to go to jail too. I felt like a deadbeat dad.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? I don't eat ice because I just discovered I'm lactose intolerant.

Madonna or Michael Jackson? MJ

Angelina Jolie or Victoria Beckham? Angelina, she's been sexy as hell forever and Brad is one of my idols. He seems pretty cool.