By Out.com Editors

Agency: Next Models Miami

Birth date: October 19

Zodiac sign: Libra

Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Boxers, briefs, or commando? Briefs during castings, otherwise commando.

What is your greatest fear in life? Getting older -- getting closer to death.

What are the qualities you look for in a significant other? Sincerity is the most important. Just don't be fake -- a lot of people are one thing in front of you and another behind your back.

What are your post-modeling plans? I want to live on the beach my whole life -- surf and do nothing.

Where is one place you haven't traveled to but would like to? Indonesia and Australia -- they have perfect waves and aren't that crowded.

If you could have superhero powers what would they be? Like Wolverine -- I don't need the blades but the healing powers. I go hard for the sports I do -- get injured -- and I'd be able to get back up.

What is your favorite color? Green -- I like earth tones.

Favorite movie? Twelve Monkeys

What is your drink of choice at night? Sake with fruit, ice, and sugar