Bitches, it's Madonna's Early Christmas Gift

The singer releases six songs early after leaked demos hit the web

Artist Eric Rhein

A selection of work from East Village-based artist, some of which will appear in The Course Of My Life at the Johnson …

By James McDonald

Eric Rhein: The Course of My Life

The artist reflects on nearly three decades living and working with HIV/AIDS.

By James McDonald

Bianca Del Rio, Sharon Needles & Other Drag Stars Reveal Their Best Putdowns

Plus: New RuPaul's Drag Race cast revealed later this week

By Michael Musto

Frank Ocean Releases 'Memrise'

He teased the new track via Tumblr

By Editors

Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser

Freaking out yet?

By Editors

The Gay Gospel

Justin Luke Zirilli’s self-help book is for gay millennials but has advice everyone should read

By Dennis Hinzmann

The Bewitched Continuum

With its 50th anniversary, the classic '60s sitcom is analyzed in an omnibus about the modern-day witch and her family …

By C. Edwards

Fund This: Flawless Sabrina Archive

Respect your elders (and throw a bone to an old biddy) by funding the Flawless Sabrina Archive

By Michelle Ehrhardt

Bryan Ferry’s Sad Pleasures

With his new album Avonmore, the musician is as lushly romantic as ever

By Aaron Hicklin

Thanksgiving Cooking with 'Chloe'

...And five other things you should know today.

By Michelle Ehrhardt

Need to Know: Androgynous, Bisexual Singer Renee Phoenix

The front woman of Fit For Rival shines in rock band’s newest single

By Michelle Ehrhardt

The Comeback: On the Set of Seeing Red

Lisa Kudrow's Valerie Cherish goes to The Groundlings to brush up on her improv skills and more in the next episodes of …

By Jerry Portwood

Robbie Rogers Showers With Guys—Get Over It

Always charming, the soccer player proves that gay men can be happy, healthy, and funny with his inspirational book, …

By Jerry Portwood

The History of Our Future

Two approaches to the gay martyrdom and heroism in The Imitation Game and The Circle.

By Armond White

Suze Orman to Leave CNBC After 14 Years

...and five other things you should know today

By Editors

Hunger Games Producer: 'To Be Closeted In Hollywood Is Tantamount to Being a Wimp'

Nina Jacobson, the producer of Mockingjay, discusses being an out woman in Hollywood, being fired while her wife was in …

By Jerry Portwood