Auto Eroticism

If James Bond were gay in the pre-Stonewall era, he would have moved through high international circles of espionage and …

By Philip Gefter

Southern Source

Hope For Agoldensummer I Bought a Heart Made of Art in the Deep, Deep South (Daemon Records)

By David Ciminelli

The Top Five Soap Hunks

In his new book The Q Guide to Soap Operas, (Alyson)'s soap opera expert, Daniel R. Coleridge, (a frequent …

By Editors

Practically Perfect

Oh, Mary. For gays everywhere, there have always been Marys. Some of us even used to call each other 'Mary.' But for …

By Eddie Shapiro

Desperate Daughter

Sure, we love all those Desperate Housewives, but when it comes to sass, no one dishes it out like Susan Mayer's …

By Jeffrey Epstein

Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

The world of male supermodels, though well oiled, is a small one: Marcus Schenkenberg and Mark Wahlberg pretty much …

By Glenn Waldron

Who Dares Wins

Select from the images below.

By Warwick Saint

Dancing Queens

It's a wonderfully evocative image of the glamour of a party era: Truman Capote casually lounges'sans trousers'at a gala …

By Matthew Breen

Smart Alec

Alec Mapa is pretty damn funny. If you haven't already seen him on UPN's Half and Half, as Gabrielle's buddy on …

By Jeffrey Epstein

Deborah Gibson: Still Electric

I have only spent the night on a sidewalk to buy concert tickets for two people; Deborah Gibson is one of them. Because …

By Bob Merrick

Don�t Be a Tragic Trick-or-Treatin� Tranny

1. First you need a good concept. 'Slutty' + 'occupation' = costume! Slutty Nurse, Slutty Witch, or Slutty Slut. For …

By Editors

John Cameron Mitchell Takes the Plunge

The guys were a lot more comfortable than the girls with the sexual rehearsals [simulating intercourse]. One actress …

By John Cameron Mitchell

September iMixes!

September Editors' Picks …

By Editors

Ali Larter: Holding Out for Heroes

Ali Larter is our hero'literally. As one of the stars of NBC's new X-Men'like series Heroes, which premieres September …

By Jeffrey Epstein

They�re Gorgeous, You�re Filthy

'My heart feels dead inside / It's cold and hard and petrified / Lock the doors and close your eyes / We're going for a …

By Tom Donaghy