Catey Shaw talks coming out, finding herself & the Brooklyn spirit

The ‘Brooklyn Girls’ singer talks coming out, finding herself, and Brooklyn spirit.

Assume the Position!

When I joined my local rugby team, I was made to do terrible, awful things. Even now, all these years later, I feel …

By Editors

Book of David

In Boy Meets Boy and The Realm of Possibility, author David Levithan has portrayed the queer teen experience in the new …

By Jeffrey Epstein

Is Johnny Knoxville the Gayest Straight Guy Ever?

Johnny Knoxville has taken the theory that scars are sexy to a disturbing extreme.

By Will Doig

Climbing The Hill

It's hardly politics as usual on The Hill. The six-part Sundance Channel documentary series, which airs this month, …

By Christine Champagne

Into the Wild

I am walking alongside dozens of young men and women who are carrying coolers and beer bongs to an area on South Padre …

By Jeffrey Epstein

Lord of the Flies

By Cass Bird

David Hockney Among Friends

David Hockney's art is known for its vibrant colors'and its iconic images of naked young men in swimming pools and …

By Lester Strong

Foxy on Fox News

Last week, Neil Cavuto ogled my pectoral muscles. On live television. On the Fox News Network. While millions of …

By Garth Wingfield

Making a Splash at the Gay Games

When my swim-teammates first mentioned the Gay Games to me late last year, visions of drag queens racing in stiletto …

By Seth Harrington

The Comeback�s Valerie Cherish

We adore Valerie, the star of HBO's 'reality' series The Comeback, which followed her life as she climbed back up the …


I want your sex: why the press can�t leave George Michael�s manhood alone

Why are the gentlemen of the popular press so interested in George Michael's manhood? Why won't they leave it alone? In …

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Best in Show

Anyone who has caught even a moment of the new season of Project Runway has no doubt laughed out loud at something …

By Jeffrey Epstein

Art For AIDS

Hard to believe that what began as a small-scale endeavor in a Noe Valley kitchen would go on to attract art world …

By Jason Lamphier

Raising Kayne

He's sweet, smart, and sassy, and after the first episode of the new season of Bravo's Project Runway, we were smitten …

By Jeffrey Epstein

Endless Summer

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By Stewart Shining

Straight Man, Gay Gamer

You want me to play basketball in what tournament? And in Chicago? Before moving to New York City last fall, watching an …

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