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...And five other things you should know today.

French Kiss

French writer-director Fran'ois Ozon has worked with an enviable list of actresses: Catherine Deneuve in 8 Women, …

By Gary Kramer

Gays In Space!

Brazilian and Japanese astronauts have achieved liftoff but as far as we know the LGBT community hasn't launched anyone …

By Out.com Editors

Trouble in Paradise�The Complete Story

In St. Maarten, early in the morning of Thursday, April 6, a young islander screamed 'Faggots!' and, brandishing a tire …

By Out.com Editors

Greetings, Earthling

By Matthew Breen

Rocket Man

Tight yellow tunic, broad chest, and a slightly manic, hungry look in his eye: There's little argument that Star Trek's …

By Matthew Breen

Iconography | Tighty Whiteys

Snugger and more shapely than boxers and more masculine than the truly horrible thong, today's tighty whiteys can be …

By Mark Veltam

Cass Bird�s Utopia

Fred and Associates, a New York arts project space, presents an exhibition of Cass Bird's photographic series 'Utopia' …

By Out.com Editors

Playing Devil�s Advocate

We caught up with openly straight actor-director Stanley Tucci to discuss his role as Nigel, the gay right-hand man to …

By Jason Lamphier

Love That Dared Not Speak Its Name�On TV

Over the past few decades, we Americans have watched an awful lot of TV. And, right before our steady gaze, we've …

By Out.com Editors

Why I Still Love Gay Pride

There are times when I think LGBT stands for Let's Get Bitter Today. We can be too harsh about our own community, …

By Out.com Editors

Gay Big Brother Boys!

The clock is ticking. Twenty finalists have been announced to fill 12-13 slots in the Big Brother: All-Stars house this …

By Out.com Editors

The Culture of Queer: A Tribute to J.B. Harter

Charles Leslie and Fritz Lohman have been culling and showcasing gay art in Manhattan for six decades, and the recent …

By Jason Lamphier


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So, Really, How Gay Is Superman?

After an absence of nearly two decades from the big screen, Superman is back. Under the helm of director Bryan Singer, …

By Jeffrey Epstein

18 Years, Still Queer

When the lobby of the AMC/Loews on West 34th Street begins to look like happy hour at Splash, you know that NewFest, the …

By Mekado Murphy

House Proud

In Households, designer-photographer Mark Robbins has put together a series of multi-image portraits of people and their …

By Out.com Editors