Excerpt: Not in My Family

Chapter 34: i can't stand the rain a difficult question'would i date a man with HIV? the answer comes with a shocking …


Kronos Quartet

Perhaps best-known for their work on the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack (one of the main themes from which was used in …

By Bryan Buss

MySpace Loves Gay Films!

You probably haven't heard of out filmmaker Matt Riddlehoover yet, but the odds are in his favor that you soon will. …

By Charlie Ortiz

Excerpt: Working Stiff

I'd first heard of Leather Camp during a Nerve editorial meeting. Leather Camp is a five-day retreat in which extremely …

By Grant Stoddard

Rio de Homme

By Dave Johnson

Oscar�s 25 Gayest Moments

After last year's Brokeback bonanza, it's easy to dismiss the 2007 Oscars as, well, not so gay. But we'll still be glued …

By Jeffrey Epstein

2007 Can�t-Miss List

TELEVISION The Agency (premiering Feb. 20 on VH1) This sizzling new reality show follows the bookers at the Wilhelmina …


Exclusive: Heather Graham

Known for her racy roles from Rollergirl in Boogie Nights to Austin Powers' pal Felicity Shagwell, Heather Graham now …

By Michael Musto

Who Loves You, Baby?

'New York' (real name Tiffany Pollard), the two-time runner-up and chief antagonist among the contestants on two seasons …

By Matthew Breen

Homme de Rio

Select from the images below.

By Matthias Vriens

Crazy New Year�s Eves!

We've all had our crazy experiences, whether we remember them or not. So as 2006 takes its leave of us, we want to know …

By Out.com Editors

Neglected Classics

This month, we asked nine leading gay literati to pick their favorite queer reads that they'd like to see more people …

By Out.com Editors

Celeb Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes the stocking is better than the gifts. Depends on who's doing the stuffing. Who would you like to stuff your …

By Out.com Editors

iMix: Italian Songs, Grammy Hits, and New Releases!

Bella ItaliaIn Out’s January issue we pay tribute to Rome, the Eternal City. Check out the classic, new, and …

By Out.com Editors

The Fifth No�

If you find yourself in New York City this weekend'or if you're just another Big Apple'based, world-weary, anti-Santa …

By Jason Lamphier