Into the Woods: Christine Baranski On Playing Cinderella's Stepmother

The actress returns to her comedic and musical roots with her turn as Cinderella's Stepmother in Into the Woods

Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

Meet the Owens from Alabama. Morris is a professor in New England, gay married and brother to two sisters. Ellen, the …

By Bill Chenevert

Tattooed Love Boy

Even with one smoky Justin Timberlake cover ("Cry Me a River"), a rocking award-winning album (2007's Snakehouse) that …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Days of Summer

Monday, June 23: Thirty years ago Harvey Milk, a neighborhood queer activist turned San Francisco supervisor, was …

By Bill Chenevert

Out @ Warped Tour

For more than a decade, the Vans Warped Tour has brought punk rock and a mish-mash of other musical outcasts to the …


Don't Punk Out

The punk community began with a group of people who just didn't feel like they fit in, kids who by choice or peer …


Sexy Now

While he may be best known as the Project Runway judge with the best analogies ('She looks like Barefoot Appalachian …

By Editors

Scary Fun

Where in the hell do you start with a movie like Pee-wee's Big Adventure? With Tim Burton in his feature debut, …

By Dale Peck

Days of Summer

Monday, June 16: Showtime welcomes Weeds back for a fourth season, and devotees can expect 13 new episodes every week …

By Bill Chenevert

Bringing Up Gayby

On Valentine's Day my boyfriend tells me he can't ejaculate -- not with me, at least. 'Sorry,' says Bam. 'I'm saving it …

By Jesse Archer

About Face

If you're blessed with a jaw of granite, less is definitely more. 'A square face looks best with a close-cut beard or …

By Frederick McKindra

Let Them Eat Beat

Pop legend Cyndi Lauper just kicked off her fund-raising True Colors Tour and returned with Bring Ya to the Brink, her …

By Jason Lamphier

Days of Summer

Monday, June 9: Cyndi Lauper brings her queer powerhouse tour, True Colors, to Minneapolis tonight with the B-52's, …

By Bill Chenevert

Living Well is the Best

The Dwell on Design Conference, created by Dwell Magazine, comes roaring into L.A. today. Billing itself as 'The biggest …

By Japhy Grant

Splendid Isolation

By Greg Lotus

The Party Dads

Earlier this year Scott Larson and his partner, Kyle, were planning for the annual White Party in Palm Springs, Calif. …

By Steve Weinstein

Days of Summer

Monday, June 2: Torchwood, inspired by the long-running BBC smash hit Doctor Who, has been as successful as its campy …

By Bill Chenevert