Ryan Murphy Working On New Horror Comedy Series, Scream Queens

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Marc Jacobs As You've Never Seen Him Before

For someone in an industry as notoriously fickle as fashion, Marc Jacobs has remarkable staying power'not that he's ever …


Days of Summer Calendar

August 13: With National Resurrect Romance Week upon us, it's time to pour the pinot, scatter rose petals on those silk …

By Peter Schaus

Are You Being Served?

At the start of Charles Nelson Reilly's career, an NBC producer warned him that he wouldn't get very far, since they …

By Ed Halter

Marc Jacobs

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By Koto Bolofo

No Moore Drama

Mandy Moore has been a busy, busy girl. Out caught up with the actor-singer-songwriter'and frequent magazine cover …

By Jason Lamphier

Marc Jacobs

By Koto Bolofo

Days of Summer Calendar

August 6: In her new movie, Becoming Jane, Anne Hathaway returns to period garb for the first time since she rode the …

By Peter Schaus

Oh, Mio, Mya

Mya has earned her final diva stripe. After debuting nine years ago sans surname (Harrison, if you must ask), the …

By Smith Galtney

Tops and Bottoms (and Some Middles) at Outfest 2007

I'm bleary-eyed, exhausted, and schmoozed-out. Also moved, informed, and enlivened. I drank free booze (copiously), …

By Eddie Shapiro

Fighting Against the Food Bullies

I trace my insecurity about food to an ex-girlfriend who turned cheese shopping into a power struggle. We hadn't been …

By Katia Hetter

Was Arafat Gay?

Once again, the rumor that Yasser Arafat was gay is making headlines. In July, Ahmad Jabril, the secretary-general of …

By James Kirchick

Days of Summer Calendar

JULY 30: With Cell Phone Courtesy Month drawing to a close, here are three tips to keep you and your unit in check: (1) …

By Jason Lamphier

Love Burns

Will closet case Waylon Smithers finally score with his antediluvian boss Mr. Burns in The Simpsons Movie? Until their …

By Out.com Editors

Baring the Truth

The sticker on the video box was as chilling as a skull and crossbones: bareback. It was 1998, and an HIV-positive …

By James Gavin

Love & Sex

Given today's popular preference for anonymous cybersex, Mike is something of a dinosaur. He brings people together …

By Jesse Archer

Dance of Life

In Spanish it means a passion and skill that have always lived inside you, but ever since Pedro Ruiz was a boy growing …

By Will Doig