The Looking Boys Get Woody in Season 2

...And five other things you should know today.

Papal Bull

With an eye on what's happening around the world and in an effort to use to discuss the issues and events that …

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My Lunch With Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt, the actress and singer perhaps best known for playing the role of Catwoman on the campy '60s live action …

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Revenge of the Fairies

Y ou would think Tanner Cohen is simply too big to play a fairy. At 6 foot 4, the 21-year-old actor towers above his …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

The Gay Agenda

Monday, December 29: Two decades ago, Flint, Mich. native Sandra Bernhard broke onto the scene with her Off-Broadway …

By Joseph Hassan

Five of the Best... Champagnes

Click here for our top five champagnes. …

By Seth Howard

Setting A Plaid Example

Click here to learn how to pull off plaid without looking like every other hipster lumberjack in town. …

By Brent Austin Coover

The Gay Agenda

Monday, December 22: Yes, it's officially time to freak out. You have 72 hours until Christmas, and chances are you …

By Joseph Hassan

Adventures in Art Making

August 2008 Out cover boy Pete Wentz recently teamed up with Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy for a joint exhibit …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Five of the Best... Lotions

By Seth Howard

A Rick Warren Holiday Reader

While we're normally busy dedicating ourselves to bringing you the best in entertainment, fashion, and style for the …

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Gay Or Rapist?

Capt. Eric Beyersdorf, a navigator with the Nevada Air National Guard and a member of the U.S. Marshals Service, woke up …

By Richard Morgan

Closet Constants

Click here to read our list of the 10 essential items you need in your wardrobe ASAP. …

By Brent Coover

Out's Cover Gallery

From our first cover in 1992 to the most recent issues, Out has featured close-up coverage of the best, brightest, …

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Homo Plus

Despite having left his native Paris less than a year ago for Manhattan, Victorinox creative director Pierre-Henry …

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The Gay Agenda

Monday, December 15: Gay men worth their weight in acerbic wit wouldn't be caught dead anywhere tonight except Lincoln …

By Joseph Hassan

Secret Agent Woman

For fans growing tired of the gang from Lost's Oceanic Flight 815, the show's creator J.J. Abrams offered something …

By Bill Keith