Abdellah Taïa’s Salvation Army: most remarkable film about gay childhood

Rich expressions of gay boyhood masterfully portrayed in Salvation Army and Nubes Flotantes

Post Project Runway: Catching Up With Jack Mackenroth

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By Courtney Nichols

Peaches' Electro Shocks

The self-proclaimed 'queen of electro-crap' took to her throne ten years ago when she unleashed her throbbing …

By Noah Michelson

Road Trip: Mexico City

Americans take to the open road pretty much everywhere -- except Mexico. Fears of corrupt police, violent kidnappings, …

By Adam H. Graham

You'll suffer for Throbbing Gristle's art

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By Noah Michelson

Fall Out Boy makes believers, gets banned

Photo: Getty Images Midway through a cross-country tour, Fall Out Boy joins the other fine citizens of music history …

By Noah Michelson

The Revolution Will Be Harmonized

Keyboardist Lisa Coleman was 19 when she started working with Prince on his 1980 album Dirty Mind. Her childhood friend, …

By Barry Walters

I'm Not There

James Franco is boyishly cute. He veered toward hot in Milk with an Al Parker moustache. But James Franco is not pretty, …

By Aaron Krach

American Idol: Smaller, Shorter and Cut

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By Noah Michelson

The second coming of Mika

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By Noah Michelson

Lil' Jon scores Miley's digits

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By Noah Michelson

A New Age (of Aquarius)

Hippies get a bad rap, so it's understandable that Gavin Creel is dead set on not playing a patchouli-scented, …

By Justin Ocean

Music of the Week

Metric Fantasies'

By Lauren Harris

Chatter: Anderson Cooper

"It's hard to talk when you're teabagging."--Love of our lives Anderson Cooper, with a totally …

By Jessanne Collins

WTF YouTube clip: Susan Boyle spanks Britain's Got Talent

OK -- call me what you will -- but this performance brought me to tears. Seriously. And I'm not embarrassed to …

By Noah Michelson