Celebrating Frank O'Hara, Cookie Mueller, Nan Goldin, Hibiscus on Halloween 1989

Celebrating Greenwich Village, Frank O'Hara, Cookie Mueller, Nan Goldin, Hibiscus & more in this new experimental play


From flashy low-tops to luxe sports bags, Major Model Management's Charles Devoe guides you through our must-have active …

By Out.com Editors

Days of Summer

Monday, July 21: Even as Philadelphia's International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival wraps up its run, you still have …

By Bill Chenevert

Wii Came, Wii Saw, Wii Quit

Matt (not his real name) swivels his hips from side to side furiously. At first, he kept missing the hula-hoops being …

By Japhy Grant

Days of our (Sordid) Lives

'Gay actors make me crazy,' says gay actor Jason Dottley as he sits at the hangout for so many budding gay actors -- a …

By Christopher Lisotta

Five Questions for Donna Summer

1. Who's your childhood crush? Sluggo. At 6 years old we were inseparable sandbox lovers. I thought he was strong and …

By Out.com Editors

Key to the Highway

At first glance, you'd think Eric Himan is the type of guy who yields to the self-indulgent madness of life as a touring …

By Cory Albertson

Taken By The Throat

Tori Amos, a former child prodigy -- she's been pummeling the piano since she was two-and-a-half -- got her first big …

By Noah Michelson

Days of Summer

Monday, July 14: Oh, the gays. We have a way with words, don't we?

By Bill Chenevert

Shirley, You Can't Be Serious!

One more thing to love about us homos: Not only do we have the power to create divas with the swish of our hands, but we …

By Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Can I Be Blunt? Gabrielle Union

1. Just like y'all don't wanna be fashion designers, we don't all wanna be your tortured muses.2. When we …

By Out.com Editors

Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner

Meet the Owens from Alabama. Morris is a professor in New England, gay married and brother to two sisters. Ellen, the …

By Bill Chenevert

Fight Club

Imagine the space shuttle taking off with a really fat customized exhaust pipe or the Visigoths sacking Ancient Rome …

By Mark Simpson

Love Story

Francisco Rodriguez is spanking forehands and smacking backhands on a private tennis court in Atlanta, sweat pouring …

By David Thorpe

Days of Summer

Monday, July 7: Hopefully you're doing something productive while you fry yourself in the sun this summer -- you know, …

By Bill Chenevert

Kissing Games

When Katy Perry chatted with Out late last year about her new song "UR So Gay," a flippant kiss-off to her …

By Jason Lamphier

Everyone is (Still) Gay

When Out first spoke to Gabe Saporta, the lead singer of Cobra Starship, he happily gabbed about his album's queer …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal