Catey Shaw talks coming out, finding herself & the Brooklyn spirit

The ‘Brooklyn Girls’ singer talks coming out, finding herself, and Brooklyn spirit.

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

Though novelist Dennis McFarland has been happily married to his wife for over 25 years, he easily admits that before …

By Bill Chenevert

Top Hats and Tail

Featuring some of theater's biggest stars clad in little more than a strategically draped necktie or a frothy squiggle …

By Noah Michelson

Days of Summer

Monday, July 28: Hair is a time capsule, the musical that celebrates a psychedelic ("Let's take drugs!"), revolutionary …

By Bill Chenevert


The debut video from Heloise & the Savoir Faire's Trash, Rats and Microphones (Yep Rock/Simian Records) can be seen …

By Editors

Playing Telephone

New York City-based dance-rock band Heloise & the Savoir Faire made a big splash at the South by Southwest Music …

By Editors

A Fine Romance

An unanticipated indie gem that arrived in the U.S. late last year, Sally Shapiro's Disco Romance is a deliberate homage …

By Jason Lamphier

Anything You Can Do

Christopher Isherwood was 48 when he met Don Bachardy in California in 1952. The writer, famous for his Berlin novels …

By Dale Peck

Divide and Conquer

'I think if you can get somebody to laugh at something, they're on your side already,' says bassist Chris Freeman of …

By Barry Walters


From flashy low-tops to luxe sports bags, Major Model Management's Charles Devoe guides you through our must-have active …

By Editors

Days of Summer

Monday, July 21: Even as Philadelphia's International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival wraps up its run, you still have …

By Bill Chenevert

Wii Came, Wii Saw, Wii Quit

Matt (not his real name) swivels his hips from side to side furiously. At first, he kept missing the hula-hoops being …

By Japhy Grant

Days of our (Sordid) Lives

'Gay actors make me crazy,' says gay actor Jason Dottley as he sits at the hangout for so many budding gay actors -- a …

By Christopher Lisotta

Five Questions for Donna Summer

1. Who's your childhood crush? Sluggo. At 6 years old we were inseparable sandbox lovers. I thought he was strong and …

By Editors

Key to the Highway

At first glance, you'd think Eric Himan is the type of guy who yields to the self-indulgent madness of life as a touring …

By Cory Albertson

Taken By The Throat

Tori Amos, a former child prodigy -- she's been pummeling the piano since she was two-and-a-half -- got her first big …

By Noah Michelson

Days of Summer

Monday, July 14: Oh, the gays. We have a way with words, don't we?

By Bill Chenevert