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Petsami features the short film with the actor, who also found his rescue dog at an animal shelter

January 30 2013 12:10 PM

The former Czars frontman sings about being HIV-positive on his dance album

January 30 2013 10:59 AM

The singer-songwriter tells us about his upcoming sophomore album, being a YouTube sensation, and his music crush on Marina & the Diamonds.

January 30 2013 8:40 AM

The video directed by M. Sharkey features RuPaul and the many shades of Sharon

January 29 2013 6:41 PM

Alan Brown's gay-themed dance film stars Ryan Steele, premieres during Dance on Camera fest

January 29 2013 11:47 AM

Joined with Detox and Vicky Vox, Willam Belli sings to the beat of 'Girl On Fire'

January 29 2013 11:28 AM

Out rocker releases new solo EP, which includes music featured in Struck By Lightning

January 29 2013 9:32 AM

Yigit Pura’s new line of wedding cakes promises a taste and style for every couple, regardless of gender or budget

January 29 2013 9:22 AM

RuPaul's new girls got us geared up after a sickening Premiere Party at XL Nightclub

January 28 2013 3:51 PM