The Looking Boys Get Woody in Season 2

...And five other things you should know today.

What's Poppin' with Commuting Canines?

This spoiled schnauzer wouldn't last a week on Moscow's mean streets. Photo: Getty Images …

By Jessanne Collins

You can't read Johnny Weir's Pokerface

Gays' two great loves -- figure skating and Lady GaGa -- brought together at last by Johnny Weir: …

By Noah Michelson

8-Year-Old Style Maven: Cooler than You

Photo via …

By Jessanne Collins

American Idol: Winning doesn't matter until it does

Frank Micelotta / FOX …

By Noah Michelson

Faux Beyoncé Fools Austrian Museum

For some reason, the first nine times I saw the trailer for Obsessed on TV I thought it starred a really adept BeyoncĂ© …

By Jessanne Collins

Top Gun Star Comes Out

By Jessanne Collins

Chatter: Mark Simpson

New ways of living and loving require new institutions. Or in the words of the famously unmarried Galilee carpenter and …

By Noah Michelson

Workin' 9 to 5 with Allison Janney

Allison Janney, who famously played dry-witted White House communications director C.J. Cregg on TV's The West Wing, …

By Tim Murphy

The trouble with tattoos

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted a tattoo. Since I started pestering my mom about getting inked …

By Noah Michelson

James Franco Wades Further Into the Gay End

Photo: Getty Images …

By Jessanne Collins

Altar Boy

'I look very tough, but at the same time I'm very delicate, very fragile,' Riccardo Tisci insists, clearly aware of the …

By Tim Blanks

Music of the Week

Bob Dylan Together Through Life

By Lauren Harris

Runway Diary: Galliano

Click here to watch video coverage of the designer's exciting 2009/2010 collection. …

By Editors

It's Summer, Season of Ridiculous Shoes

We're all for individuality and we know it's 80 degrees outside but that doesn't mean it's time to take …

By joshuadavidstein