Jim Parsons Bringing Elf Back For Christmas

...And five other things you should know today.

Katy Perry to Headline Life Ball

Photo: Getty Images …

By Jessanne Collins

The Rise and Fall of Sam Adams

It was an early mid-January evening, and Sam Adams was about to step into an intersection in Portland's Old Town when …

By Aaron Scott

American Idol: Straightening Up Lambert

Photo: Michael Becker / FOX …

By Noah Michelson

Portrait Of The Artist (As An Old Man)

In the middle of 1985, it became unavoidably clear that Christopher Isherwood was dying. Almost from the time he was …

By Bruce Shenitz

Can I Be Blunt? Rachel Dratch

Wanna know what your straight gal pals really think? The 'SNL' alum breaks it down

By Out.com Editors

Morrissey storms NYC

By Noah Michelson

Hipsters Love a Good Rumpus

By Jessanne Collins

Five reasons America IS ready for American Idol's Adam Lambert

1. Barack Obama. Before you get all "it's not the same" on me -- of course it's not. But the last time …

By Noah Michelson

Gay Bars to Bachelorettes: Take That Tiara and Shove It!

Fed up with the frattish antics (oh, and, total sociocultural cluelessness) of roving packs of penis-straw wielding, …

By Jessanne Collins

Chatter: Megan Mullally

"I think if you ask the average guy on the street if he was innately bisexual, he'd be like, 'What the fuck …

By Courtney Nichols

In praise of rooftop teenage size queens

From the Kids Do The Damndest Things file: …

By Noah Michelson