Dustin Lance Black, Tom Daley Make Emergency Landing in Siberia

…And five other things you need to know today.

Gender: The Final Frontier

Ten years ago, the then-editor in chief of this very magazine declared himself to be 'post-gay.' He was also soon, …

By Josh Kilmer-Purcell


I needed silicone breast forms, and I needed them that day. They were to be shot for this article (see page 95), and I …

By Laura Allen

The Gay Agenda

FLICK: In Priceless a case of mistaken identity unites Irene (Audrey Tautou) and Jean (Gad Elamaleh) for an amorous …

By Edgar Casillas

Essential Drag Albums

Marlene Dietrich Marlene Dietrich in London (1965) Recorded 34 years after Morocco, the benchmark film that featured …

By Smith Galtney

Top Kat

Rocco Kayiatos, the man behind the San Francisco'based hip-hop sensation Katastrophe, has described himself as 'just a …

By T Cooper

All Mixed Up

There is no more bashful yet blatant love letter than the mix tape. No matter how the technology has changed -- call it …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Under Cover

Orlando, Virginia Woolf's fantastical tale of young prince Orlando is a delightful confection of subtle wit and obvious …

By Emily Drabinski

...But There�s No Dick?

Trans men, like all the rest of you alcoholic homos, sometimes get drunk and accidentally have sex with their friends. …

By A. Raymond Johnson

Transexy Time!

How do you turn a penis into a vagina? It's not as difficult from a medical point of view as you might think. Yes, it …

By Mark Simpson

First Lady

Since the 1990s, Candis Cayne has been dazzling queer audiences with her one-woman shows -- an outrageous and …

By Julia Serano

Secret New York

By Cass Bird

The Trans Fags

On a cold winter night I take my 20-year-old friend Hunter to an East Village gay bar -- his first time in a New York …

By T Cooper

Five Ways To Be A Trans Ally

1. Work with trans people to push your city's homeless shelter system to place residents according to gender identity …

By Dean Spade

The Gay Agenda

FLICK: Surfboards and men never looked better than in Shelter, the new film from Jonah Markowitz. When family …

By Edgar Casillas

Yo! Mama

In 1884, Charles Crozat Converse, a Pennsylvania attorney with a reformer's streak, perceived a gap in the English …

By Ilya Marritz

She's the Man

Who wears the pants? These women all did, on screens big and small, anyway -- and awards voters loved them for it. Linda …

By Eddie Shapiro