Portia De Rossi Is Joining the Next Season of Scandal

…And five other things you need to know today.

Back To School

When Beverly Hills, 90210 debuted in 1990, it was two parts Aaron Spelling soap opera and one part after-school special …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

Fall Nelly Telly

The Cho Show Her 1994'1995 sitcom, All-American Girl, ended in personal disaster, but Margaret Cho's latest foray into …

By Jason Lamphier

When Divas Attack

Not since the immortal film King Kong vs. Godzilla has there been such a fierce battle of imposing creatures swatting …

By Michael Musto

Queer Fall Albums

Yo Majesty Futuristically Speaking'Never Be Afraid (October 7, Domino) Dropping salty rhymes, shameless sexuality, and …

By Jason Lamphier

Days of Summer

Monday, August 18: Weeds' season 4 is going strong.

By Bill Chenevert

Skin Job

How magical shaving seems as an adolescent, willing the light downy hairs on our cheeks to turn coarse and stubbly. How …

By Sam Pritchard

Nose Candy

Where should one apply fragrance? The most important, in descending order, are tops of your forearms (in moving them, …

By Chandler Burr

Teenage Love Affair

Shawn Stewart Ruff laughs when I congratulate him on Finlater, his first novel. 'More like my fifth,' he says. A …

By Emily Drabinski

Surf's Up: Classic or Craze?

Surfing [The first in a series of Out's real-life tests of gym bunny alternatives.] Difficulty level: 6 out of …

By Shana Naomi Krochmal

A Little Camp

For a funnyman Steve Coogan is noticeably unamused by the suggestion that he tends to play camp men. 'It's bollocks,' he …

By Alastair McKay

Spain Is For Lovers

Whether or not one delighted in Woody Allen's early New York City masterpieces or his more recent London films, it's …

By Matthew Breen

Wedding Party

It's Friday, June 13, three days before California becomes the second state in the country to allow gay couples to …

By Tim Murphy

Days of Summer

Monday, August 11: The 2007 Tribeca Film Festival Audience Award winner, We Are Together: The Children of Agape Choir, …

By Bill Chenevert

Can I Be Blunt? Niecy Nash

1. There's nothing wrong with you being sassy, but we got to take turns with the neck-bobbin' and …

By Out.com Editors

America's Sweetheart, Reimagined

>The Nancy Book (Siglio Press, $39.50), now available in stores, collects nearly 50 works by gay artist Joe Brainard, …

By Noah Michelson

Has Manhunt Destroyed Gay Culture?

If you are a single gay man in search of a mate, and if you are at times prone to discouragement, you probably have …

By Michael Joseph Gross