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The star-studded Thursday event was already set to break records. Now what?

May 10 2012 11:19 AM

Anyone with the first name Anthony, Tony, Antoinette, Toni, or Antonio will be eligible to receive a free ticket to 'Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark' on June 10 to counter the Tony awards snub

May 09 2012 4:38 PM

Hot on the heels of the passage of Amendment One in North Carolina, the 'Leader of the Free World' states his support for marriage equality. But what do people think?

May 09 2012 3:41 PM

The pop star makes a cameo on the season finale of the cartoon TV show.

May 09 2012 2:15 PM

A freakish fairy tale takes flight on the London stage

May 09 2012 1:59 PM

'You're So Hot' may be NSFW (for some), but it is so very, very... hot?

May 09 2012 1:42 PM

Against Me! singer Tom Gabel reveals plans to begin living as a woman in 'Rolling Stone'

May 09 2012 12:33 PM

The 'Glee' star wasn't offered 'The X Factor' gig but he's not complaining about us thinking he was

May 08 2012 6:16 PM

The case takes yet another turn as Kelly Preston remains icily silent

May 08 2012 4:47 PM

Travolta’s representatives say the accusations are false and that he was not even in California. Where does the video say he was? You'll have to check it out for yourself.

May 08 2012 1:33 PM