The Foxy Merkins, a comedy about Lesbian Prostitution, Screens at Newfest Tonight

This buddy comedy follows two homeless lesbian sex workers as they bang their way to friendship.

Coming Around Again

'I'm a year-old gay,' laughs Degrassi: The Next Generation actor Adamo Ruggiero, 22, after coming out a year ago this …

By Nelson Branco

Dirty Pop

When Franz Ferdinand announced their intention to make a pop record, it was a bit of a head-scratcher. The Scottish …

By Michael Martin

Five of the Best... Shampoos

By Seth Howard

Mother, May I Sleep With Sin?

Based on a true story. Inspired by actual events. In the hands of Lifetime those words usually call to mind scenes from …

By Justin Ocean

Homo Plus: Johnson Hartig

Hartig's r'sum' runs the gamut: commercial actor, decorator's assistant, friend to Karl Lagerfeld and Damien Hirst, and …

By Editors

The Prince of Cool

Before the mid-1950s there was no such thing as cool. Cool started with modern jazz, hipsters sniffing Benzedrine, the …

By Editors

2008: The Year in Pictures

One Night In Miami | Photography by Nino Mu'oz Growing Up Gay In The South | Photography by Danielle Levitt School …

By Editors

Re:Generation: Shayne Oliver & Victor Osborne

Hood By Air's humble beginnings came in 2006 with the creation of a small-scale line of T-shirts emblazoned with the …

By Editors

Five of the Best... Eye Creams

Click here to view our five favorite eye creams. …

By Seth Howard

Love, Love Me Do...

Hitting unsubscribe has never felt so rewarding. After 18 months of receiving fund-raising e-mails from Barack, …

By Josh Kilmer-Purcell

Re:Generation: OMG Michelle

Don't let the confrontational tone of OMG Michelle's single 'You Don't Know Michelle' fool you. For all their talk of …

By Editors

The Gay Agenda

Monday, January 19: Acclaimed gay novelist David Leavitt reads a selection of his works at Manhattan's 92nd Street Y …

By Joseph Hassan

L's Angels (And Devils)

From Rosanna Arquette to Snoop Dogg, click here to see a recap of the guest stars who've made The L Word worth …

By Nicholas Fonseca

Georgie Boys

W hat is it about middle-aged queer British pop stars from the '80s? Why can't they settle down, keep their noses clean, …

By Mark Simpson

Kitchen 411: Baked


By Editors

Great Escape

To find out how Margaret Cho, Nate Berkus, Jackie Warner and Tommy Fazio relax, recharge, and reboot in -- and on the …

By Editors