Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Support Shiloh Wearing Suits & Being Called John

Brangelina's oldest biological child prefers suits to dresses, and wants to be called John. And the famous couple is ...

SYTYCD: Gays Get in on the Competition

This week, on top of Ellen DeGeneres taking up a gavel on American Idol and George Takei prepping to play The Newlywed …

By Jessanne Collins

Weekend OUT in Atlantic City

By Noah Michelson

Project Runway: Professor of Super-Lies

Photo: Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks 2009 …

By Noah Michelson

Movies Of The Week: 9/18

The Informant! …

By Noah Michelson

Need To Know: Tina Landau

Tina Landau is a rarity on Broadway. Not only is she a female director; she's a lesbian. But Landau does not let labels …

By Dustin Fitzharris

The Divine Miss V

By Aaron Hicklin

Mika Talks "Toy Boy"

By Editors

Big Love For

Don’t be fooled. While those looking for men in skivvies won’t be disappointed, there’s a lot more to this artful, …

By Noah Michelson

You Betta Work

By Noah Michelson

The Newlywed Game Goes Gay

In a move sure to titillate stay-at-home Grandmas across the nation, actor George Takei and his husband Brad Altman …

By Jessanne Collins

Exclusive: Mika Talks "Toy Boy"

By Noah Michelson

Our Year with Lady Gaga

 When I interviewed Lady Gaga in October of last year for a feature on, I didn’t know then that the …

By Noah Michelson

Warming Up for VH1 Divas

At long last, the Paula Abdul–hosted showcase VH1 Divas returns tomorrow night with no small amount of fanfare. …

By Jessanne Collins

A Brief History of Cures For Homosexuality

Last week, British prime minister Gordon Brown issued an apology -- at the behest of tens of thousands of …

By Noah Michelson

A Tribute To Bea Arthur

Photo: Getty Images Bea Arthur’s smoky baritone voice was instantly recognizable. Her comedic timing unmatched. And her …

By Noah Michelson

'A Single Man' Has Distribution, A Trailer

After earning accolades at the Venice Film Festival last weekend, Tom Ford's A Single Man sparked a distribution …

By Jessanne Collins