International Rugby Board Recognizes the Bingham Cup

The announcement comes on the first day of competition in Sydney

What's Poppin' with Mysterious Monster Corpses?

It's not quite hurricane season yet but already the other summer shore menace has reared its vile, bloated, and …

By Jessanne Collins

A Tragedy In Retrospect

The day after Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold marched into Columbine High School in Colorado armed with sawed-off …

By Editors

Quiz: Which Gay Religious Leader Are You?

Click here to find out which gay religious leader you are! …

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Action = Marriage Equality

Previously > We <3 New York …

By Noah Michelson

Chatter: Stormy Daniels

"One of the joys of being an American is equal treatment. The big debate against gay marriage is that it's a …

By Jessanne Collins

Electric Youth vs. Special Effects Sea Creatures

Somewhere in between Snakes on a Plane and Lesbian Vampire Killers, ironic-for-the-sake-of-being-ironic movies got …

By Jessanne Collins


By Noah Michelson

Music of the Week

Operation Aloha Operation Aloha

By Lauren Harris

Amanda Palmer Goes Back to School

Photo: Amanda Palmer's road diary on …

By Jessanne Collins

Chatter: Megan Fox

"Let me tell you what it's really about. 'High School Musical' is about this group of boys who are all …

By Noah Michelson

NPR's tempered Outrage review sparks outrage

Kirby Dick's new documentary, Outrage, which calls out the closeted conservative politicians who support hompophobic …

By Jessanne Collins

American Gladiators coming to a theater near you

From the file of really bad ideas... apparently a movie based on the television series American Gladiators is in the …

By Noah Michelson

Yes, Actually

I've been lucky enough to meet and talk with some serious politicians in my time as a political journalist in …

By Andrew Sullivan

Five of the Best... Conditioners

From colored to thinning hair, here are our favorite conditioners. …

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