The Looking Boys Get Woody in Season 2

...And five other things you should know today.

Face To Face: Little Boots

By Editors

Lady Gaga Reaches Her Boiling Point

A few days ago we brought you vintage Lady Gaga footage featuring the world's current greatest (and gayest) pop star …

By Noah Michelson

Happy Birthday, Bloody Mary!

In honor of the Bloody Mary's 75th birthday, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City has just declared October 5 Bloody …

By Jessanne Collins

Quickies: Rumors, Spoilers, and Explanations

> Cheyenne Jackson (left), a ridiculously attractive Broadway actor (let's face it, we desperately need an …

By Jessanne Collins

Hummer: Annie Lennox's Ultimate Video Mash Up

Like all good self-respecting homos, we can't get enough Annie Lennox. From her gender bending, no-shit-taking …

By Noah Michelson

Quickies: Into the Gagaplex

By Jessanne Collins

The Rachel Zoe Project Gets Parodied

The only thing we love more than The Rachel Zoe Project (we interviewed the adorable Brad Goreski last month) is this …

By Noah Michelson

Movies Of The Week

Whip It! …

By Noah Michelson

Chatter: Ming-Na

"I've never played a gay character, and for me that was such an incredible challenge. And I said, "As long …

By Noah Michelson

Project Runway: The Blues

Mike Yarish/Lifetime Networks 2009 …

By Noah Michelson

The Decorating Adventures Of Ambrose Price

Ambrose Price hasn't a clue as to how to complete the often daunting challenges he faces on his reality show, The …

By Chris Azzopardi

James Franco Joins General Hospital

Getty Images …

By Jessanne Collins

Catching Up With Rufus Wainwright

By Noah Michelson