Transparent Star Gaby Hoffmann Wants You to See Her Naked

The actress finds comfort in exploring her gender and sexuality

Sherlock Holmes Goes Gay

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Rob Marshall's Nine Preview

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Technicolor Dreamer

A pioneer of the rave scene who has written, produced, and remixed a sweeping collection of sounds from electronica to …

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Welcome To The Jungle

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Slave To Her Rhythm


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Hummer: Shakira's "She Wolf"

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A Touching Tribute to Michael Jackson

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The Secret Niche

There's a sci-fi geek inside Tom Rob Smith -- the author known for his hair-raising novels, 2008's Child 44 and its …

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Happy Birthday Kate Bush!

In honor of Kate Bush's 51st birthday, treat yourself to a viewing of a video made by one of the most brilliant …

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Quickies: WTF Edition

It's a beautiful day in America, y'all! …

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Hummer: Discover Cartel

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Chatter: Kid Rock

"It's gay. If one more person asks me if I have a Twitter, I'm going to tell them, 'Twitter this …

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Take Back The Night

By Joshua David Stein

The World Needs A BeBe

Can't bear the thought of spending another Wednesday night watching HGTV? Want to help a drag queen get herself up …

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Joan Rivers to be Roasted

Photo: Getty Images …

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