Is The Duke of Burgundy, about S&M lesbian lovers, gay positive?

Peter Strickland's film about S&M lesbian lovers is a throwback to a different era. His next is going to be all-male ...

Face to Face: Gavin Creel

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Lady Sovereign Likes the Ladies

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American Idol: Arresting Auditions

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Here's Your Chance to Survive Survivor

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Adam Lambert Lands on Pandora

(via Lambert's Twitter)Previously > Adam Lambert Storms Chicago …

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Dsquared2's Horror Show

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Remembering Kate McGarrigle

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Brad Lamm: From Professional Partier to Intervention Specialist

Brad Lamm was once reigning king of the gay late night scene. As host of Party Talk, a ‘90’s cult TV show seen in New …

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The Brit Award Nominations Announced

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Ro�s�n Murphy: Big Momma�s House

The bad news from Ro's'n Murphy? We won't be hearing the follow-up to her glorious last album, Overpowered, for a while. …

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Neil Patrick Harris Fears For His Life

Last night, Neil Patrick Harris tweeted "Sitting directly in front of this guy... Worried that he might try to …

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Hummer: Sade's "Soldier of Love"

Sade is back and girlfriend is not messing around (how is it possible this woman is 51?!). She's has got a snare …

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