Francois Ozon's Young and Beautiful Is an Instant Classic

With Young and Beautiful, François Ozon bridges gay and straight—an instant classic

The Gay Plot

Since George W. Bush made opposition to gay marriage a centerpiece of his 2004 reelection campaign, 24 states have …

By Ilya Marritz

Swish and Swagger

If you ask author Joel Derfner why his spot-on accounts of modern gay life resonate with barflies and bookworms alike, …

By Jerome Murphy

The Gay Agenda

FLICK: The Pevensie siblings are back in another installment of C. S. Lewis' fantasy series with The Chronicles of …

By Bill Chenevert

Cultural Czarina

For unstoppable socialite Zelda Kaplan, the champagne flute is always full, the velvet rope invisible, the pleasure …

By Editors

Can I Be Blunt? Tori Spelling

1. Let me find out for myself that the guy I'm dating is gay. Maybe he just thinks Manhunt is the new Friendster.2. …

By Editors

The Gay Agenda

FLICK: It's about time the Wachowski brothers gave us something good. Three years after V for Vendetta, they unleash …

By Bill Chenevert

Sexy Now

For English-born design duo Rag & Bone, consideration for homegrown American manufacturing and high-quality fabrics …

By Editors

From Gulag to Gallery

In 1962 the police department of Mansfield, Ohio, set up a camera behind a two-way mirror in a local public restroom. …

By Nicholas Weist

The Bathroom Chronicles

I was in Houston recently for my cousin's bar mitzvah, held at one of those …

By T Cooper

Sour (And Good) Times

Few records have whipped discriminating music fans into a frenzy of anticipation as intensely as Portishead's Third. On …

By Barry Walters

The Gay Agenda

TUBE: Up until the present Gossip Girl has yielded little truly gay content for its huge queer audience (that is, beyond …

By Bill Chenevert

Where Are the Gay Republicans?

A note from the editor of Out: Charles Kaiser's article in the May issue, Washington's Gay War, generated far more than …

By Charles Kaiser


By Editors

The Gay Agenda

ENGAGEMENT: In A Catered Affair playwright-actor Harvey Fierstein, composer John Bucchino, and director John Doyle unite …

By Edgar Casillas

Hanging Ten

When offered the role of brooding graffiti artist Zach, Trevor Wright (above, left) was worried by the description 'gay …


The Boys of Buzznet

I meet self-described 'gay god' Matthew Lush backstage after the Jared Gold fashion show in Los Angeles's historic Union …

By Japhy Grant