Neil Patrick Harris Talks Wedding and Shares Photos

... and five other things you need to know today.

Microorganisms Are Kinda Gay

All photos: National Geographic News …

By Matt Vella

Have Yourself a Blackheart Christmas

By Noah Michelson

In Bed With: Neil Barrett

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Inside the Out 100: The Writers

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World AIDS Day 2009

By Noah Michelson

Behind the Music with Ani DiFranco

Growing up in Wisconsin, the closest thing we had to a good record shop was Best Buy. In high school, when I had an …

By Noah Michelson

Model Citizen: Derick

NEXT >> Photographed by Ryan Pfluger at Brooklyn Photo Studio …

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Chatter: Jane Velez-Mitchell

"My coming out as gay has not only NOT negatively impacted my career, it’s actually been a plus! People love it …

By Noah Michelson

The Portrait of An Indian Bare

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By Alex Wilburn

Mondays with Morrissey


By Jessanne Collins

Behind the Music: Ani DiFranco

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On Adam Lambert and the AMA Outrage

Whatever else is being said, whatever recriminations are still being hurled, we were delighted by Adam's …

By Jessanne Collins

Quickies: Lifestyle, Grit, Passion & Other Ephemera

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By Jessanne Collins

Smoke That Turkey, Girl!

Some, in pursuit of their Rockwellian dream, roast their turkeys. Some, chasing the American ideal of clogged arteries …

By Noah Michelson