The Looking Boys Get Woody in Season 2

...And five other things you should know today.

Portugal Legalizes Gay Marriage

Yesterday, Portugal became the sixth European country to legalize gay marriage. Even though the country is nearly 90 …

By Noah Michelson

Need To Know: Marching Band

Jacob Lind chats about why his Swedish band is so popular on soundtracks, ABBA, and accidentally (but happily) marching …

By Gregory Miller

A Brief Trip Down Anderson Cooper Memory Lane!

Pop quiz: What was Anderson Cooper up to you while you were in college/junior high/rehab (i.e., circa 2001)? If you …

By Jessanne Collins

The Takeaway Examines Gayness in the Workplace

Tomorrow's conversation on the national morning news program The Takeaway with John Hockenberry and Celeste Headlee …

By Noah Michelson

Chatter: Sia on Fame

"People aren’t honest about the horrors of fame. The downsides are so overwhelming that, for me, there is no …

By Noah Michelson

Christina Aguilera Reclaims The Fame

We sit down with the freakishly gifted singer to discuss her fourth album, Bionic, one of the hottest -- and gayest -- …

By Joshua David Stein

The Brains Behind the Butt

By Jessanne Collins

Catching Up With Benjamin Bratt

In Benjamin Bratt's new film, La Mission, written and directed by his brother, Peter Bratt, Benjamin plays Che Riva, the …

By Dustin Fitzharris

Face to Face: Adam Barta

Singer Adam Barta recently dropped by the Out studio to chat his boy band beginnings, how his sexuality impacts his …

By Noah Michelson

Can I Be Blunt? Jackie Hoffman

1. Why did Xanadu close, but Naked Boys Singing! is still running? Can't you get your cheap thrills at home?2. …

By Editors

Face To Face: Adam Barta

By Editors

DWTS: Long Live the Queen of Jiggly Parts and the King of Paso Doble

Team Niecy put down its pom-poms and took off the bedazzled t-shirts last night: she had a great run this season, …

By Noah Michelson

Holly Miranda: Dream Weaver

The cover of Holly Miranda's debut solo album, The Magician's Private Library, features a girl asleep in the grass, …

By Jason Lamphier

Face To Face: Merrell Hollis

By Editors